Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My Amazon Rant

This Black Friday I was set out to get a PS4, well it all went a bit pear shape thanks to Amazon!
A almost £300 order disappeared off their system and I managed to speak to three managers and two members of staff before I sort of had an answer. Is it time they changed their policies?

Amazon Rant

On Thursday I saw a deal for a PS4 on Amazon with a bundle of games for £268, so I thought rather than risk not getting one on black friday, I'd just buy it and be done with it. I placed my order and got my confirmation email. Sorted!

Or so I thought....

About 5 hours later, I got an email saying that there had been suspicious activity on my account and needed to log in and change my password. Fair enough, I don't use my Amazon account much and it was a lot of money so I logged in. This is where all my problems began!

My order had simply 'disappeared' from my active orders page. So que me now having to contact they on their online chat (which I had to Google to actually find...) The first member of staff I spoke to took around 10 minutes to admit he couldn't find my order and that my account had been 'sanitized'. I asked if that meant my order had been cancelled. He didn't have a clue and all he could do was pass it on to the tech team. This wasn't good enough in my books, a nearly £300 order shouldn't be able to just disappear off my account without a trace. So I rung customer services.

The lady on customer services pretty much gave me the same information as the online chat but said my order will be okay as I have a confirmation email, no need to panic. Wellllllll that was a crock.

As I was still unhappy I asked to speak to a manager on the chat and after what felt like an eternity I was finally put through. Again I was told the same speil that there was nothing they could do, they had no idea if I had an order or not and they couldn't do anything for about 24 hours because it had to be passed on to their tech team. So I decided to ask about their refunds and said that if I go out and purchase another one, would I be able to get a full refund. They didn't seem to understand and just kept on that there was nothing they could do because they couldn't find the order.

I was really rather pissed off by this time so I demanded to talk to their manager. After a good 10 minutes I finally was put through to the floor manager.
Now the floor manager actually understood what I was getting at and even apologised for the inconvenience. He said that although it would take 24 hours, I could always put in another order with themselves.

Well needless to say I told him I wouldn't be placing another order with Amazon as I didn't want £600 dispersing from my account and no one knowing if I actually had an order or not. He did say that if I did have an order I could get a full refund.

So I set an alarm for midnight and got up to order another one in the Black Friday sales. At half 12, I get an email from Amazon tech team (I obviously caused such a stink they wanted to get rid of me haha!) it said that although they now knew I had placed the order and that I wanted the order they had cancelled it anyway and that I should repurchase it if I still wanted it.

So needless to say I'm still not exactly a happy bunny. I think their customer service was terrible! If it was a £10 order I wouldn't have minded so much but at nearly £300!? I still don't understand why they couldn't have contacted me before just simply cancelling my order surely I'm not the only one who put in a massive order on BLACK FRIDAY?! 

I understand it's a safety policy so poeple don't access your account and spend a fortune but on Black Friday, what did they expect? I missed out on their PS4 deal and even after I proved the account was mine and it was my order, they cancelled it anyway.

Needless to say I haven't placed another order with Amazon and don't think I will be for some time.
On a happy note, I did get a PS4 in the end and at a much better price!

Until next time,


  1. Geez! It makes you wary to shop online! Glad you got things sorted and a better deal. Although they should have offered you the same deal as its them at fault plus a discount or money off something else!

    Bex x

  2. I hate customer service, they are so crap most of the time. What a shambles!!!
    Jess xox ||

  3. I've had this problem with Motorola, took 600 quid off me nearly a month ago and I've only just got it all back


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