Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Victoria's Secret Haul

Buy one get one half price is an offer I couldn't simply pass up at Victoria's Secrets.

Victoria's Secret Haul

I made a little visit to Victoria's Secret in Westfield during the Black Friday weekend and when I saw they had a buy one get one half price deal, I knew I had to get some!

I went in with the intention of getting the same plunge bra I already owned but after talking to a staff member it discontinued due to it not selling well. WAHH!
She did however show me the two similar alternatives which were just as pretty so I went with the 'body no wire'.

I'm pretty boring with my underwear and usually go for the classic black, whites, nudes and greys so my haul was no different! They did come in a variety of various colours and patterns though.

I still spent close to £60 on both of these bras which I will admit is a high price tag even with the offer in place however I'm a big advocate for you pay for what you get and if you wear them a lot it's worth spending money on.
My first VC bra has to be a year old now and is still in amazing condition so was totally worth it's hefty £38.50 price tag. 

Have you ever purchased anything from Victoria's Secret?

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  1. So jealous, Victoria Secret doesn't stock my size!
    I do love the body sprays though!
    ♥ Fran - www.frannymac.com xx

    1. I'm an odd size so I can't get many items in VC, i do love it tho! I haven't tried the body sprays, got any recommendations? xx

  2. I loooove Vicky S. I only ever buy my lingerie there.

  3. I love Victoria's Secret, although I do struggle to find something in my size, the bras are so pretty! It looks like you got a lovely couple of items and a good deal with buy on get one half price, definitely worth the price tag as they are built to last. xx


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