Monday, 28 December 2015

Why I Won't Be Setting New Years Resolutions

Did you know a mammoth 45% of us make New Years Resolutions but only 8% of us would actually call our goals successful?

New Years Resolutions

This year I've decided I'm not making any resolutions. I'm simply going to ignore them entirely.
I never stick to them and they are always the same. Loose weight, visit this, do that but as I grow my life goals change and I end up feeling a bit guilty that I never stuck to them.

So I'm saying to hell with resolutions, I am going to be the same fabulous person I always and enjoy life without making myself feel guilty about crap that doesn't matter. Let's face it as much as in my head I'll go for a run every morning, it just ain't gonna happen when I wake up and my bed is all warm and snuggly.

The most common resolutions are to loose weight, get organised, quit smoking and try something new or exciting. Why not start right now?
You can change your life for the better at any point of the year and the last thing your going to want to do is eat a salad when you have a cracking hang over from New Years Eve!

Are you planning on making any resolutions this year?

Until next time,


  1. I think I feel the same as you. If I really wanted to do something I wouldn't wait until the new year. I want to go to yoga at least once a week I think. Happy (early) new year xx

  2. I know what you mean, I stopped 2 years ago and been happy since. I set monthly goals.

  3. Good for you - if you're not going to do something in June you're not going to do in January when it's cold and wet.

  4. I'm not making any resolutions. I only want to be a bit healthier this year - less chocolate/takeaway. I never stick to my resolutions, and I feel so much pressure to do them. It's not worth it. I can start being healthy, it doesn't have to be a resolution and it doesn't, and hasn't, have to start on the 1st Jan. It will probably start on Monday! So good for you - keep being you :) x x


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