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Guest Post - 10 Happy Things

My 10 Happy Things

So the first full week of January is over, and I don’t know about you, but I’m really feeling those post-Christmas blues now. For many of us, this is the first week back at work, and we’re facing mountains of work to catch up on from the holidays, as well as the depressing reality that there’s no more bank holidays till March! So to cheer myself up, and in the hope that some of what I say here will cheer some of you up too, I’m going to share ten things that always make me happy!

1.       A cup of tea

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Or coffee, if you’re more of a coffee person than a tea person. But for me, a steaming hot mug of tea is guaranteed to lift my spirits.
2.       Cute cats!

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If you don’t have your own cute cat google “cute cats.” You’ll spend the next three hours going gooey-eyed over all the pictures of these cute little kitties, and by the time you’ve put away the cat pictures, you’ll have a smile on your face!
3.       Blue Skies

But it’s England, in January, I hear you cry dismally. True, it’s mostly grey and dismal out there at the moment. But when a little ray of sunlight, or a patch of blue sky makes an appearance, I try to grab a moment to pop outside and appreciate it. Sunshine and blue skies always give me a quick mood boost!
4.       Bed

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How cute is this bed?! Whether your bed is as cute as this or not, not much beats the feeling of crawling under the covers (especially if they’re fresh on, and you’ve just come out the shower)! Grey, rainy days call for lots of duvet days, and when you’re snuggling up under a duvet in your warm, cosy bed, you won’t feel blue for long!
5.       Good food

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Food only gives a temporary kind of happiness, but if it’s super photogenic food, like the above, take a picture of it, then look at it whenever you’re feeling glum. The memory of the taste, and of the experience, is sure to lift your spirits in no time.
6.       Bright Colours
Whenever I’m feeling blue, I like to pop on some super bright nail polish, a bright piece of clothing, even just some brightly coloured socks. Every time I look at my nails/clothes/socks, I feel a little swell of happiness from all the brightness. (I love this Essie nail polish colour. How gorgeous?!)
7.       Blogging Community

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The blogging community is so supportive, and since I launched my blog 8 months ago, I’ve met some wonderful people who I’m so pleased to call my friends now. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, grim or down, I think of the wealth of support the blogging community offers, and the friends I’ve made. And if that doesn’t put a smile on my face, I go offload to one of the best friends I’ve made from blogging. She knows how to cheer me up!
8.       Shopping

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Okay, it’s materialistic, and it’s a very temporary kind of happy, but shopping always fills me with glee. Going out, not knowing what you might come home with. Trawling the shops, picking up cute things as you go. Then coming home and going through all your purchases. What’s not to be happy about? (Well, maybe the huge credit card bill afterwards, but we’ll ignore that for now!)
9.       Cute dogs

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If cute cats wasn’t enough, try searching for ‘cute dogs’ and you’ll be feeling happy as a clam in no time!
10.   Getting organized

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For me, if I’m in a real funk, I pull out my diaries, grab a pen and start organizing. To-do lists, shopping lists, blog planning. Whatever can be organised, I organise it. And usually, by the end, I’ll feel a little better; a little more in control of things. Give it a go, even if you’re the unorganized type you might just find this helps beat those post-Christmas blues!
I hope some of my ‘happy things’ have helped you if, like me, you’re feeling the post-Christmas blues. I’d love to hear your ‘happy things’ and any tips you might have for beating the blues!

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  1. I saw the first two ... tea and cats and was sold! Amazing post! Work makes me happy as I do enjoy my job (shhhhhhhh don't tell them I said that haha!)

    John | Shout John

  2. Love this! Tea always makes me happy; no matter how tough my day has been, it's always lovely to sit down with a cup of pukka tea and forget about the outside world, haha


  3. Love this post! It shows that just the littlest things can make you happy when you're down:-) good job!
    Cloe X


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