Friday, 15 January 2016

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

I love lipstick, so when I discovered the amazing quality and price of Makeup Revolution it became a bit of bad habit.... So here's a mix of a few I've purchased and a few I received in my Beauty Advent Calendar.

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

As you may see a lot of these are berry, reds and pink as in my opinion there's no such thing as a winter lipstick and I'll wear a dark berry shade in the middle of summer with no regrets. 
In this mix there are a few that I know I never would have personally gone out and purchased unless I had got them in my advent calendar.

I'll start with a swatch of all them together (I know some people hate these kinda swatches because your arm colour is usually a completely different colour to your face, don't fear there's actual face swatches too!), so we can see what we're working with!

Now the only issue I have here is that I only know a few shade names as for some reason Makeup Revolution didn't actually put the lipstick name on the products inside the advent calendar, which isn't helpful at all considering in the future I may like to repurchase some...
The website is virtually impossible to go off of too as they look so different depending on what screen you view them from.

However many hours have gone into researching the colours and I believe them to be the following;
Cheer, Flashing, Crime, Rebel With Cause, Reckless, Twist & Vice.

Cheer is a lovely light pink shade with a coral undertone. I think it's a lovely day to day colour and it's really easy to wear.

The next two colours and very similar once on. Flashing is a bit of a lighter shade than Crime but there isn't too much in it! Again this is a lovely colour I'd wear day to day!

I think I prefer Crime to Flashing even though there isn't much difference. I think it's a tad more pigmented and vivid. Not sure this is an everyday lipstick for me but it's one I've worn a fair few times since getting!

Rebel With Cause and Reckless are again two very similar colours. They are awesome winter berry shades and I love both of them! They are both super pigmented and a perfect choice for a more vamp look.

I love a red lipstick and while I do adore this super bright red, it's orange based and just makes me look a bit odd. I am a tad heartbroken about it as it's such a gorgeous colour, that's super pigmented! boo!

I've always wanted to try an orange lipstick but always knew it wouldn't suit me. Getting one has just confirmed that! It's a lovely orange shade but Vice just isn't for me. I'm so pale orange shades just don't suit my skin tone. I did also find I had to really layer this lippy to get a good colour. Not one I'd recommend.

All in all, I love Makeup Revolution lipsticks, you can pick them up for £1 and while they aren't super long lasting, they offer awesome colour for a bargain price!

Do you have any MR lipsticks?

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  1. This is really interesting, I kept wondered how they actually were especially for that price :) not pigmented enough for my liking but it's really good to know :)

    Feel free to check out my blog also :)

    Claudia | www

  2. Eeeek I have Rebel with Cause and I love it!! Definitely a perfect winter berry shade .. Loved seeing what other lipsticks they have ! You can go wrong for £1!

  3. I have a few MUR lippies and I love them esp for a quid!
    Have you tried the salvation intense lip lacquers?? Sooo good :)

    Bex x

  4. I love Crime, it reminds me of Macs Up the Amp. I really like the red colour too. I haven't tried too many MR lipsticks as the few I have are little patchy, I need to try them out again x

    Tamz |


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