Saturday, 13 February 2016

Blogging 101 - DA Scores

I'm turning Valentines Day on it's head and instead of posting gift guides, date suggestions, outfits etc, I'm helping you fall in love with your blog all over again in another instalment of my Blogging 101 series!

Blogging 101 - DA Scores

With the Moz update always comes a long line of bloggers who have no idea what a DA is, how they can check it or what a good score is.
Unless you want to take your blog seriously, make money/work with brands. DA isn't something you need to worry about too much!

For those of us who dream of being the next Zoella, DA is the next step. 

DA stands for Domain Authority. 

Domain Authority is a score between 1-100 that tells you how well your blog ranks on search engines. It's calculated by combining all your blogs metrics such as links from other sites, quality of content, html and how much traffic your site gets.

Domain Authority can fluctuate up and down. One month you might be celebrating and the next crying into a box of tissues. While DA scores are a great way to see how your site is doing, it's not the be all and end off of how successful your blog can be.

You will only have a true DA score if you own your own domain. for example, is a domain I pay a yearly fee for and my DA score is only calculated from my content.
If you are still using a free domain such as the DA score is not your own. 

Blogs rarely make it over a DA of 40 although, of course it is possible! It's a long hard slog to raise your DA score and it's not something that can be done overnight.

You can check your score here;

So how do you raise your score? Keep on blogging!! Make sure you keep on top of simple tasks such as naming photos, having correct and valid links, titles, search descriptions and driving traffic to your blog!

Have you got any DA raising tips?

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  1. This is so interesting, well you learn something new everyday!
    Charlotte //

  2. So the smaller the number your DA is, the better, is that right?

    I'm pretty sure I have a few posts bookmarked somewhere that I'll one day get around to reading to help me understand it all. I'd like to raise my score, but right now I'm going to focus on my degree (she says while procrastinating) and then see what I can do about my DA in the second half of the year. :)

    Shae xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

    1. Hey Shae,

      The bigger your DA score is, the better. Haha I'm sure you'll get your head around it sooner or later, good luck with your degree! Becca xxx

  3. Good post sweets! I get confused with all the techy, number things with blogging from DA, PA to unique views. Lol

    Bex x

  4. Great post! Love these helpful sort of posts. I only recently found out about DA, and the first time I looked at my score it was 14. In the last update it went up to 15. Not a big jump, but it was a jump so I was happy with that. Going to work towards 16 in the next update :) x x


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