Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lush USA

While in the states, I took full advantage of having a massive bath and headed to my nearest Lush. While the US don't have as many products as the UK do, I still managed to pick up some products I'd never tried before!

Lush USA

While I was in Florida and wandering around the Millenia Mall, I came across a Lush store. I knew there and then I had to take advantage of the massive bath in my villa and decided to pop in and treat myself to a bathbomb.
The staff were so, so friendly! I chatted for ages about various different products, was shown demos and even got a few insider tips. I'm not saying the staff in the UK aren't friendly but it felt like a totally different experience to my usual Lush store.

Lush USA

I ended up buying two products I've wanted for a while but never actually tried before, The Experimenter bath bomb and The Rough With The Smooth body scrub!

The Experimenter

The Experimenter is probably one of my fave bath bombs and I've only used it once. Not only does it smell utterly gorgeous but the water turns a lovely green shade and wow does it put on a colorful show!

From the second it hit the water, it fizzed and coloured my bath rainbow. It seemed to last for ages too so was worth the money. I was so reluctant to get out of my bath I actually ended up topping the warm water up a few times. Thumbs up from me!

I am a shower girl. I rarely have baths so I'm always on the look out for shower products and The Rough With The Smooth has been one I've had my eye on for a while. 
This square is made with granulated sugar and Murumuru butter that helps exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth. You don't have to scrub much to get the benefits and I can see it lasting me a good few showers!
It smells delicious too with black pepper oil, Patchouli oil and my all time fave scent Vanilla.

As always, I'm more than happy with my Lush choices and will continue to try their products. I'm super pleased I got to experience Lush in another country and buy a few bits that I'd had my eye on for a while!

Have you tried either of these?

Until next time,



  1. These goodies look amazing! Perfect for a pamper night! Have a great week, Becca! xx

    Ale |

  2. I didn't even know Lush was in the USA! I'm off to America twice this year so nice to know I can try and find one for some pamper time

  3. Lush products irritate my skin which isn't fair as I love their products, their shops always smell so good :)

  4. Yay great little Lush haul! :) x x


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