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Top 5 Lush Products

With another recent trip to Lush under my belt to repurchase their Cupcake face mask, I thought I'd share my top 5 Lush products.

My Top 5 Lush Products
Like every other blogger, I adore Lush and I love trying new products to review. Over the years I've tried a variety of products from Shower Jellys to Bathbombs and I've found what I love and discovered what I don't, so I thought I'd share my top Lush products!

5. Elbow Grease

A moisturising bar that melts at skin temperature and offers some serious hydration. I brought this for my hubby's tattoos but did end up using it myself. It contains Cupacu and Murumuru butters and was actually designed as a product for elbows but it's so hydrating it's perfect for giving tattoos a brightening pop. It sinks in like a dream but I did find I had to keep it in the fridge to ensure it didn't melt everywhere. It isn't one I've repurchased but it definitely deserves a place in my top 5.
 You can read my full review on this here - Elbow Grease Review

4. Cupcake Face Mask

I've just repurchased this as I find it really does help when my skin is having a freak out. You simply apply a generous layer to your face and leave it for 10 minutes. It contains Rhassoul mud, Cocoa powder, fresh mint and Cocoa butter to cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin.
My face always feels super soft after I use this, despite looking like I've smeared Nutella all over my face. Although the Lush fresh face masks are on the more expensive side of face masks, one pot will see you through a good 6-7 masks so it's great value for money!
You can read my full review here - Cupcake Face Mask Review

3. Nightwing Shower Jelly

I adore Halloween but now I have another reason to adore Halloween. This gorgeous shower jelly is amazing. It smells like a giant fruit pastel, seems to last forever and gives you a gorgeous lather in a jiffy. Did I mention it's shaped like a bat? No? Well it's shaped like a bat, which is awesome. Oh, and if your ballsy, try this little beauty straight from the freezer!
You can read my full review here - Nightwing Review

2. The Experimenter

I'm not going to lie, the fact I adore this bathbomb so much might be because I brought it in Florida and used it in a bath big enough to be a swimming pool, however it's pretty epic.
Not only does this bad boy give you a show of rainbow colours and turn the water green but it contains popping candy, Vanilla and Tonka, giving you a fab show and smelling devine.
I actually topped my bath up about three times when I used this!
You can read my full review here - Experimenter Review

1. The Rough With The Smooth

This square of joy has been a recent purchase and is probably my favourite Lush product ever. I used to be obsessed with Sugar Scrub until I took a chance on this sweet number.
It's made with granulated sugar and Murumuru butter for super exfoliated and smooth skin. It has a gorgeous smell of Vanilla, black pepper and Patchouli oil that lingers on the skin.
It leaves me feeling silky smooth and a little goes a long way. There was only one spot on my list this could have come and you need to try it!
You can read my full review here - The Rough With The Smooth

What are your top Lush products?

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  1. I love the sound of number 1, I've been looking for a scrub for ages now and this sounds amazing!
    Charlotte //

  2. I need to try that face mask sounds absolutely devine! X

    What I eat in a day for toning up over on  // BLOGLOVIN

  3. Some great products here. I love the Experimenter too x

  4. How weird am I? I have real trouble withe smell of Lush shops...

  5. I want Nightwing, it's a bat I love it. The Experimenter was sooo good though, it was so pretty! I haven't tried any of their scrubs before, I need to branch out a little x

    Tamz |

  6. Absolutely LOVE the experimenter! In fact I have one sitting upstairs waiting to be used! I've never tried the cupcake face mask but I really want to! Great post :) xox

  7. I have yet to discover the Cupcake Facemask ... how did I not know about this?! I must get it immediately :D

    John ¦ Shout John

  8. I love the Nightwing shower jelly! I'm still using mine from last Halloween! Haha. I've never tried their face masks, although I've often thought I ought to, so I might start with Cupcake! And I recently picked up The Experiment bath bomb so I'm even more excited to try that now! I might also have to try the elbow grease for my tatts, is it expensive? Great post from a fellow Lushie! :) x x

  9. Love this!

  10. I love rub rub rub, it's got a really fresh smell and is the perfect scrub for the shower

    Tasha x


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