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Bloggers VS Glossy Magazines

I used to live my life by glossy magazines. I loved flicking through the pages and seeing the gorgeous photoshoots with clothes I could never afford and beautiful page layouts with all the new, on trend makeup products in. However, since becoming a Blogger I've lost my interest with them. Are Bloggers actually ahead of all the glossy mags?

Bloggers VS Glossy Magazines

I understand for a majority of women, glossy magazines are still a favourite past time but just how true to life are they?
Who can really afford to spend £600 on a designer denim jacket or splash out £50 on foundation they've never actually seen swatched because it's a favourite of the celebrity they aspire to be? Plus if you've noticed, these glossy magazine mammoths are just talking about products, issues and fashion that actually us bloggers have been posting about for months.
For example in the March edition of Glamour magazine you will find a double page spread on dark lips. Now, sorry Glamour but beauty bloggers all over the globe have been posting about dark lipsticks for months, it's not a new trend and featuring a majority of products that are over £20 with no review or swatches. 
Why oh why would you splash out on a £38 lipstick without seeing if it's worth parting with your hard earned cash first? Just a simple search would bring up loads of awesome dark lippy reviews like the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipstick by Damzel In This Dress or this review of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick.

Bloggers VS Glossy Magazines

Don't get me wrong, I understand it's all about advertising but come on, keep up with the times!

Another page spread at the front of the magazine features 'fashion & fun' a look at quirky bags and accessories to make fashion less serious. Errr, babes like Lottie L'amour & Kayla Hadlington have featured these on their blogs months ago. 

Maybe because I'm a blogger, I value bloggers opinions more than someone who gets paid to publish what they are told too and by the highest advertising bidder. I understand us bloggers can make money off of products we endorse but we've usually worked for months, even years to get where we are so it's not in our interest to endorse and promote products that we don't love ourselves. Bloggers tend to stay true to the hard work and effort they've put into their blogs, so why risk it all?

So in answer to my earlier question, are Bloggers ahead of the glossy mags? I personally think, hell yes.
Not only do we offer honest, truthful reviews, tips and advice but Bloggers are trend setters.

What's your opinion? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I love glossy magazines and always buy glamour and cosmopolitan every month. But I tend to agree with you. And if I see something in a magazine I'm interested in, a piece of clothing or make up, I'll search for bloggers reviews online before committing to buying it. I think glossy mags are great to flick through; a distraction but they are definitely not the trend setters they think they are. Bloggers do it first, and they do it better because they (usually) only endorse products they genuinely love. What I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is I agree!x x

  2. I only buy vogue just as its so beautiful in hardcopy, otherwise I agree its all online now.

  3. Some bloggers offer honest reviews but no all. However I do agree with you that we are ahead of magazines.

  4. I used to buy glossy mags, but the products they feature are often too expensive, the women aren't my shape and fuck "10 things to do with tofu".
    I'd much prefer to read about other bloggers, it's much more relatable :) x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  5. Hheelllo Becca!!!!

    I'm over magazines to be honest esp after the Cosmo '15 reasons to date a blogger' article!!! >.< I've always researched products online and read reviews and I think this will become more commonplace as brands/companies turn to bloggers to market their products. I'll always trust a blogger's honest review over one I find in a magazine any day of the week!! If we are all honest in our reviews and offer transparency then there's no reason why our views shouldn't be trusted! =) Hehe! Loving your work gorgeous!!! MWAH! xoxox

  6. I haven't bought a magazine in months so I couldn't comment but there is still something about a magazine. Sometimes you don't want to read a blog post or read online, you want a nice glossy magazine to flick through. I love your pic background by the way! x
    Amy at Amy & More


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