Tuesday, 22 March 2016

#Paperhaul box

I love getting post but getting stationery in the post is the bee knees. Like every other blogger alive, I have an obsession with stationery and own far too much. I love everything from smelly gel pens to tiny note books and everything in-between, so when I was offered the chance to review a monthly stationery box there really was only one answer.

#Paperhaul Box

I have piles of cardstock and cut outs, cards for various occasions and enough ribbon to decorate Christmas presents for the next three years. So of course I needed more.
#Paperhaul is a monthly box from Crafty Creatives that sends you gorgeous stationery every single month. For a mere £10 with no contract you can have gorgeous paper based goodness arrive at your front door.

Crafty Creatives #Paperhaul

I squealed with delight when the postman handed me this box and ripped it open like a three year old at a Birthday party. Oh I wasn't let down.
Inside this box laid an array of adorable stationery featuring the very talented Jodie Goolding. I recieved three mini postcards, two postcards, one big card, one notebook, three stickers and a roll of corresponding washi tape. 

Mini Postcards #Paperhaul

The three mini postcards are probably my favourite out of the box, they are high quality cardstock with woodland creature themed drawings. They even have lovely little quotes that are uplifting and would be such a lovely surprise to get in the post. 

#Paperhaul washi tape

Clearly we need to take a moment to appreciate this Washi tape. It has happy bears on it.
  Happy bears!
It's a lovely quality too and sticks really well without coming off, you could even customise it 
by giving it a touch of colour if you wanted too.

#Paperhaul postcards

With adult colouring now being a major trend, I'm considering colouring these postcards in before I send them off. In fact, these would make an awesome gift in the post if you got a mini packet of pencils (like you get for children in restaurants) and stuck them to the postcard. Positivity is something that shines through in this box!
Just like the mini cards, these are awesome quality and have lots of writing space on the back which is a plus. I hate postcards that have the smallest gap to write in!

#Paperhaul notebook

How adorable is this notebook?! Inside it contains a decent amount of lined pages so it's not only cute but practical and it's a perfect size to pop in a small pocket in your bag. I think I'll keep it on my desk to use for blog post ideas!

#Paperhaul card

Who doesn't like getting a hand written card in the post? Don't get me wrong online companies are great for personalising cards but are they really that personal?
This blank card allows you to send a little positive note and like the rest of the range is high quality and comes with a match envelope. It could again be taken further and coloured in to add to the personalised touch!

#Paperhaul stickers

The last thing in this months box was these three lovely stickers! I can see these decorating the front of a more plain notebook or stuck on a plain fronted folder. I love the fact it all matches and the woodland theme is perfect for all sexes and ages.

I've loved this months box, Crafty Creatives have really hit the nail on the head with this stationery box. It's so worth the money and the perfect monthly addition to anyone with a stationery addiction!

Have you tried any monthly boxes?
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  1. I've never SEEN a stationary box like this, whoo hoo! I too adore the paper products

  2. So cute! I love the washi tape - happy bears are the best! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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