Friday, 11 March 2016

Torrid Glitter Skull Nail Polish

You may remember this from my Instagram account a few months back, 'cause you all went crazy for it. I knew the moment I saw it sitting on the side in Torrid when I was at the mall in Florida that I just had to have it. Pink, glitter and skulls? Could a nail varnish be more perfect?

Torrid Glitter Skill Nail Varnish

First off, I'll admit I purchased this basically because it's nail varnish in a skull. It could have been bogey green and I still wouldn't have been able to leave the store without it. Thankfully it's a gorgeous purple/pink colour with mixed sized glitter and it's made of Unicorn tears of happiness (probably).

I know what your thinking, yes it's awesome but we all know glitter polish is a total bitch to remove and I just can't be bothered with them. I'm with ya, however this polish unlike basically every other glitter I've ever used, doesn't cling to your nails for a million years and you don't have to sit there with your fingers in acetone for the foreseeable future. For some bizarre yet utterly incredible reason, this glitter polish takes a tad more effort to remove than usual polish but nothing on your traditional glitter removal.

Application wise, this polish is a bit thicker than glitters I'm used too, however it dries surprisingly quickly and the glitter seems to spread pretty evenly. I haven't noticed any nails with super empty spots anyway.
The only possible downside to this is that it takes a good 3 solid layers to get a decent colour. 
One is a bit meh.

Torrid Glitter Skill Nail Varnish

Two is better but still transparent for the most but three is the magic number. It's tough enough to survive without a top coat but I always like to use one anyway.

Torrid Glitter Skill Nail Varnish

As far as nail varnishes go, I adore this one. It's a skull for Christ sake! My only regret is I didn't buy two!

What's your fave glitter polish?
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  1. I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!
    Gillian  xx

  2. This is INCREDIBLE!! I love the bottle and the colour, it's absolutely gorgeous :D x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  3. This is so cool! I'd buy it just for the bottle haha X
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

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