Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Since the sight of my new kitchen was in view, I've been obsessed with baking. I watch every foodie programme going and have been dreaming of having a gorgeous kitchen to finally create goodies in. I've been obsessing over cookies recently though, chocolate chip, oaty, decorated, you name it!


I mean is there really anything better than a good biscuit? I love nothing more than a hot cuppa and a cheeky dunk. Sadly my cookie attempts never end up looking like they do on TV or in the cook books but full of new inspiration I've turned to the source of all, Pinterest.

I know it may all end in tears as a lot of Pinterest tutorials do but they are just SO pretty! I love the idea of icing cookies in intricate designs.
I do have a cookie recipe on the blog, which you can find here - Dairy Free Sugar Cookies. Looking back, they are too thick and the icing wasn't the right consistency but we live and learn right?

Now, don't get me wrong I love a good biscuit but Pinterest offers so much it would be wrong not to have a whole board dedicated to other gorgeous treats I wanted to try!

So what's your fave biscuit?
If you have any yummy Pinterest boards don't forget to leave your link!

Until next time,



  1. Ooh I love biscuits! Never tried to make them myself but I bet they'd be tricky! Be great to see some cookie posts when your kitchen is done! :)

  2. I'm more of a cupcake whore ;) haha

    Last time I tried cookies they nearly broke my tooth! Rock hard beasts hehe

    Bex x


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