Thursday, 19 May 2016

ChinUp Mask

I was offered a beauty product recently that offers a non surgical facelift in a mere 30 minutes. It combines beauty, science and technology to give you lift and contour if your a bit concious of your chin! Obviously I had to say yes to ChinUp Mask and put it to the test!

Chin Up Mask

 ChinUp is a mask you simply pop on for 30 mins for up to 2cm off your chin, lift and firms, hydration, fat reduction and best of all natural ingredients. In the box you get two masks, a tape measure and the chin strap to keep your mask in place. The results can last a few days but it's recommended to be used every other day.

ChinUp Mask

Now after receiving this product I kinda realised I don't really suffer in the chin area however my mum does as she has issues with her lower jaw muscles and it is a bit of a confidence issue for her, so she jumped at the chance to give it a shot.

So we got up one morning and got to it! Here's her before photos.

ChinUp Mask Before

ChinUp Mask Before

Application was really simple, it's basically a face mask for your neck! You pop it out of the packaging, apply it to the neck and then use the ChinUp strap to keep it from falling off and leave it on for 30 mins.

ChinUp Mask Application

ChinUp Mask Application

My mum said it was surprisingly comfortable to wear and apart from it getting a little hot around half way through her time with the mask, she didn't really notice or feel anything. She said the strap material was a nice and flexible material and let her get on with her morning bits and pieces without too much hassle.
After half an hour had passed we took off the mask and strap, she washed her neck and we got to seeing if the mask really could give the results it promised.

ChinUp Mask After

ChinUp Mask Results

I personally think the after pictures can say a 1000 words. Just look at the difference. Her neck is smoother, less droopy and less obvious!
She was over the moon with the results and said while she probably wouldn't use this as a long term fix, it is something she would use before a day out or event to help her feel and look more glam.

Overall I've been really impressed by this product and really would suggest it if you are concious of your neck, there's no harm in trying! You can find out more about this product on the ChinUp website - ChinUp Mask

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  1. Pictures look good, would like to try this1 !:-)

  2. Oooh I've heard about this but I've not seen any reviews, this has been really useful. You can definitely see the difference in your mum's photos, I want to try this now.


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