Sunday, 22 May 2016

Club Burrito Canterbury Review

Since I've left London I've been utterly craving burritos and while Chipotle has well and truly stolen my heart, sadly there aren't any in the south east! So I decided it was time to try a different brand and venture out of my Burrito safe place. With this in mind on Friday I ventured into Canterbury with Club Burrito in my sights.

Club Burrito Canterbury

Now Club Burrito isn't like your normal eatery, oh no. Not only do they serve gorgeous food but it's actually a live music venue! Clever eh?

Myself and Stew went on a Friday night around 6pm to give the burritos a go and I'm pleased to report we weren't disappointed. We walked in to find three really lovely members of staff, who asked if we'd been before and then helped us pick what we wanted. The decore was amazing with bright light up signs, lots of colour and a really unique feel!
I opted for the chicken burrito and chose to have peppers and onions, rice and refried beans in mine (I know it was a boring burrito but I decided to try something different to my usual fillings!). Stew had a pulled pork version with rice, black beans and cheese. I was extremely tempted to opt for a meal deal as I wanted to try the avocado brownie but decided to save it for another visit. 

Club Burrito Canterbury

Mine was totally lush. It was super full of my picked options and I really struggled to finish it! The burritos were £6.50 each and well worth the money, for two with a beer and a coke it came to just under £20 and we sat outside on little tables people watching while we ate.

All in all, while I will always have a special place for Chipotle and they will always get my custom when I'm back in London, Club Burrito is now my go to burrito bar and I can't wait for my next visit! 

Where's your favourite burrito place?

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  1. Oh wow this looks amazing! There's a place in Manchester that does veggie burritos but I can never finish them! I'll have to remember this next time I'm down south. Love good food and live music!


  2. I envy anyone who can find the perfect Burrito place, something I am yet to find here in London.

  3. There are never enough Mexican restaurants for my liking, I wish there was one in central Winchester!

  4. There will be a way to love the Burritos! Sometimes we can never get what we were used to though!

  5. The Forum in Twells has just opened a little food shack outside the venue. Great food and great music is my idea of heaven too.


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