Monday, 20 June 2016

Things People Don't Tell You About Pregnancy - The First Trimester

So if you haven't seen my social media updates - I'm pregnant! I'm just coming to the end of my first trimester so I thought I'd update you all with the joys of pregnancy. 

Now before I begin, I do not want to be a parent blogger. Queen Bee Becca will remain as it is, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. I'm not knocking parent bloggers but it's really not my thing. I will however do the odd post about my pregnancy as I do want my blog to remain relevant to my life as I progress through my next stage of adulting. Kinda.
So with this in mind I thought I'd share a few things I've learnt about pregnancy that no one tells you.

1. Finding out your pregnant isn't always a joyful occasion.
I mean we started trying after discussing and all that jazz but finding out I was pregnant after a mere one attempt knocked me for six. Cue a very happy husband and then me; hysterical and having panic attacks for about 2 weeks.
What did I expect a wide screen TV?!

2. You Google alot
I have no idea what I'm doing and Google has been my best friend. From calculators to find out when babies due to omg is this normal?! If someone stole my phone they'd be horrified.

3. Midwives appointments
Omg my midwife is lovely but the appointments are awful. Cue an hour and a half of health related questions, lists of food you now have to wave goodbye too and blood tests where you almost pass out if your awesome like me. Fun times!

4. No one actually confirms your pregnant
It's so weird. I was utterly convinced that my ultrasound was going to bring up nothing but a food baby. I found out super early so it was almost 13 weeks of thinking maybe I'd imagined it before it all came crashing back down to reality.

5. Ultrasounds suck
Don't get me wrong it's amazing to see a tiny person in our case refusing to comply and simply sucking their thumb instead but dear God does it hurt. They jab away like they've lost a fiver down the back of your sofa and when you've got a full bladder you want nothing more than to not pee everywhere.

6. Tired? Bloody exhausted!
I've never ever been this tired. Ever. Screw late nights out enjoying my last months of freedom. I'm nana napping like it's going out of fashion and still getting a good 9 hours at night. 

7. Food baby or bump?
I'm at that awkward stage I just look like I've eaten too many doughnuts. I don't have a bump I just look fat. As a size 18 I am a plus size and maternity clothes suck. I don't want to wear maxi dresses, leggings and slogan baby related t-shirts for the next 6 months thanks!

8. People you haven't spoken too since high school suddenly appear
I get that everyone loves a baby but where did they come from?! All of a sudden people I haven't spoken to for over 10 years have started crawling out the wood work telling me they're excited for me. What?!

9. It's really hard not to buy anything
Like really hard. I didn't want to purchase anything until we had our scan to make sure everything was going okay. Well my little tyke is almost ready to booked in for scan number 3 as they still won't budge into a position they can be measured in so I'm hanging around baby clothes and pram shops looking longingly at people buying cute bits. Eurgh.

10. It's pretty bloody scary actually
Once you get over the initial shock/horror/joy/happiness it does hit you that you are now growing a human. You are creating a person you then are responsible for basically until you die. Your welcome!

Until next time,



  1. I don't know why, but the fact that there's a human inside of you when being pregnant kind of creeps me out a little. :D hahah, can't wait for the moment I'm pregnant and can feel that creepyness :D

    <3: Jasmin N

  2. This is all so so true!!
    If it helps the midwife appts do get shorter and last maybe 15 mins up until 36 weeks!

    Rach //

  3. Soooo much truth in this post!
    I had the issue of worrying about people just thinking I was fat when I was pregnant and it took until I was 20+ weeks for me to feel a bit more comfortable in knowing it looked like a baby bump and not just a food baby!
    I wish I could say the tiredness goes, because I was told constantly by people that it would but nope, I was exhausted throughout the whole pregnancy, the odd day of feeling a bit more energetic but nothing like people described!

    Jasmine |

  4. Love this post! I feel like a lot of people almost glamourise pregnancy. I like posts like this that lay out the reality of it. My partner and I are trying. We have been for a year and a half now. It's not so easy for us because I have cysts on my ovaries which cause issues with ovulation and fertility. It's not impossible, so we keep trying. And I'm so looking forward to the day I can read this book and go "yep, totally get that now!" Haha. x x

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