Wednesday, 13 July 2016

What It's Like Living With A Male Blogger

I've seen so many articles the last year or so about bloggers partners who 'have' to help bloggers take their photos, put up with the endless meets, social media-ing and generally be their support system but what about when the tables are turned? I thought I'd share my experience of living with a male blogger.

I think male bloggers tend to have it harder than us female ones, for instance at events and meets there's rarely anything aimed solely at male bloggers and goody bags usually contain makeup or money off women's fashion. I mean chances are your favourite blogger is probably a female one!

I live with Stew from and to be fair male or female the needs and wants of a blogger aren't really too dissimilar!

He still takes time photographing and reviewing products, he still needs help with OOTD and fashion photography and he enjoys the social side of blogging as much as anyone else. He still gets approached by brands in the same way as anyone else, so why is it always the partners of female bloggers who get the articles?

As a blogger, I adore living with another blogger and especially a male blogger! It's awesome to see another side of blogging, he gets opportunities I don't so I love to see what he gets offered and the blog post results. I find it really helpful to also have a male perspective of my own work, he helps me check my posts before they go live, helps take my photos and helps me pick out the one's he feels look best. 

Personally I find the blogging world very female orientated and I love to see some more male bloggers making it big time and actually getting to go to events that have stuff there for them. We went to one in London recently and unless he liked stationery or food there was very little he could go and get excited about.

At the end of the day, we all blog because we love it. Male or female, bloggers are all here because we have a passion for blogging!

Do you live with a blogger or a male blogger? I'd love to hear your experiences of it!

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  1. Really love this post. My other half is very curious about blogging as he helped me redesign my blog. Its the same with YouTube. The main thing is that he supports me so if it's something that he wants to then get into, I'll support him too. It's really nice!

  2. I've been trying to convince my OH to blog - he's so techy, I thought he could do a technical/gaming blog. But he's not keen. You're right in saying it's a very female orientated world, the blogging world. I've often wondered how it must feel to the male bloggers out there. I enjoyed this post - it opened my eyes to male bloggers (I'll admit most of the bloggers I follow are females!) x x


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