Monday, 15 August 2016

My Autumn / Winter Bucket List

I might be getting a little big ahead of myself here, considering we're only mid August, but Autumn is my fave time of year! There's always so much going on from Halloween to Fireworks, Christmas to New Year. Plus it's cold, so I can pull out my old faithful Uggs, massive jumpers and drink Starbucks and Costa's variations on hot chocolate until they come out of my ears!

Autumn Winter Bucket List

Don't get me wrong, I don't spend all summer just waiting for the miserable weather but I do die. I think I'm part Eskimo and it's only got to touch 20o and I transform in a puddle on the floor. Moving to the coast has only made my issue worse as I love spending long evenings on the beach but I end up hot, bothered and wanting to go home!

You can read my summer bucket list here - Summer Bucket List While I didn't quiet manage everything (yet) I reckon I can knock out a few more before the warmer weather disappears!

Autumn/Winter Bucket List

Go to the Zombie Crawl & Ball 
Celebrate 4th Wedding Anniversary
Go to Canterbury Festival
Try at least 2 Starbucks/Costa Hot Chocolates
Watch Fireworks on the beach
Give birth (ahhhh)
Spend a whole day decorating the house for Christmas
Go to a Christmas fayre
Go Christmas shopping in Portsmouth
Buy a new coat
Spend a whole day watching movies when the weathers awful
Go out for a Christmas Dinner Event
See the Christmas lights in London

I'm sure this will need updating but there's my to do list!

What are you plans for the winter?

Until next time,



  1. I am the same, already planning Autumn/christmas!! It is the best time of year! xox

  2. Hooray, you win the award for first autumn/winter post! ;)

    Uhhhhh giving birth seems like a pretty big one!!!!!

    Aisling | anthologie.

  3. Celebrating your 4th wedding anniversary, that's definitely a reason to look forward to the Autumn/Winter months. Both my general anniversary and my wedding anniversary are in the winter, so it's always nice to look forward to them. It'll be our first wedding anniversary this December, but I think we'll stick to celebrating our normal anniversary in October.

    I don't think I have any plans for Autumn/Winter, I have a trip to Disneyland Paris planned for November and that's about it :) But that's enough, I like to just take the days as they come.

    ~ K

  4. Its mine and my hubbies 4th wedding anniversary in November, so we will be celebrating too xoxo


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