Monday, 5 September 2016

Maternity Fashion Rant

How is September? Like seriously, where did the summer just go? I feel like it was just yesterday I was looking forward to the warmer weather and just a few hours ago I dug my Uggs out of storage! I'm now over 6 months pregnant and while I wasn't planning to do many pregnancy posts this is one that has been bugging me for weeks.

Don't worry, my blog isn't going to turn into a mummy guru blog with hundreds of photos of my womb fruit splashed across the pages but seriously as someone who adores clothes shopping maternity wear SUCKS.

Not only am I feeling a bit conscious about my looks as I'm getting fatter, more out of breath and starting to waddle but getting clothes is an utter bloody nightmare. I'm finding it even harder as a plus sized girl!

I'm usually a UK 18 or a large UK 16, which I'm totally fine with. I like food. Sue me.
However, I started off okay as I just sized up, things like stretchy Primark tops were cool and forgiving dresses but things like jeans while they'd fit over my bump they'd be hanging off around the knees or bum and I'd be left looking like a bag lady who didn't have clothes that fit.

Now I've got a bit of a bump I've given up on simply sizing up. I've actually brought a few maternity bits and lets just say maternity clothes are not invented for the fashion conscious. I popped into my local New Look branch and despite there being about two rails of maternity clothes I found a pair of maternity jeans I liked the look of. Score.

It was short lived. Basically under bump jeans are cut so low whenever you move your arse hangs out and over bump while they have the extra material for some unknown reason start below your hips and just leave me looking like I have oompa loompa legs.

Also what is it with brands thinking just because we're pregnant means we want t-shirts and jumpers which cringe worthy quotes on the front?

'Hands off the bump'
'Just a little bump & grind'


Why can't we just have normal clothes with a bit of extra space please?! I have found I have to size down in maternity wear tops as the elasticated sides just swamp me and make me look odd.

As I still have a few months to go I feel my maternity fashion pain is just at the beginning. 

Have you ever had this issue?

Until next time,



  1. Ah, I remember the dodgy maternity clothes well. I pretty much found three outfits that were comfortable and lived in them on rotation for the last few months. Mostly jersey skirts and stretchy tops.

    1. I hear you haha! This is basically my exsistance now! Can't wait to be able to get back into my old clothes xx

  2. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare! I have heard that M+S do a good range of maternity items, maybe try there?

    1. I must admit I haven't looked in M&S thanks for the suggestion, will deffo check it out xxx

  3. H&M do a pretty good range and at a decent price, which is almost unheard of when it comes to maternity clothes. If you have a bit more budget, ASOS have some lovely bits,but of course you don't know sizing til it arrives.

    But I definitely hear you on the slogan tops - total cringe. I'm growing a baby, not a new personality that makes me 7 years old!!

    Rach //

    1. I didn't even thank of H&M! I've had a look through the Asos stuff but I always find their usual sizing a bit hit and miss. Might give it a try though, thanks for the suggestions xxx

  4. Maternity clothes are awful most places, they seem to think we all want to wear stripy tops too. I got a dress from here - that was awesome (and they sell on really well afterwards too)

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'm so utterly fed up of living in leggings! xx

  5. My friend had issues finding decent maternity clothes too! I have heard H&M do a nice range though.

    I also hate the slogan tshirt thing - some of them are so weird and gross!!

    1. Glad it's not just me! I haven't tried H&M, thank you for the suggestion! xx


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