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Are Beauty Calendars Worth The Money?

Every year we keep seeing a rise in the amount of companies bringing out an alternative to the traditional chocolate advent calendar. Some fill it with perfume or makeup but are they really worth the cash?

Don't get me wrong, last year I was all over the beauty advent calendar band wagon and took weeks of researching to find the perfect calendar for me. Heck, I even put a blog post with every single beauty advent available on the market - The Ultimate Beauty Advent Calendar Round Up 2015 but are they really worth their high price tags?

I completely understand the appeal 24/25 days of gorgeous products from my fave brand?! Hell yes! But lets not forget an awful lot of these advent calendars are sample sizes. You know, the freebies you get with an order or get given at a beauty counter to try before purchasing a full size. Even the calendars that offer full sized products such as Makeup Revolution, how many of those products do you actually use?

Lets take the Benefit 2016 advent calendar for example. It's a mid range beauty calendar coming in at £34.50 but it only contains 12 days of goodies. Benefit say it's worth £68 and contains mini's of products such as They're Real Mascara, High Beam, BADgal, Hoola and POREfessional. It even comes packaged in a gorgeous calendar with bright illustrations, the perfect eye catcher.

Would you actually go out normally and purchase mini's? Would you really spend £34.50 on mini products? How many of the 12 products would you, honestly use? That makes each mini £2.87 a piece when in reality a lot of the products included in this calendar have been widely available as freebies with magazines through out the year.

How about the Makeup Revolution beauty calendar? This one you get 24 full sized products for £30 which no matter how you put it sounds like a bargain, especially when you take into consideration that if you purchased them all separately Makeup Revolution say it would cost you a whopping £50!

I purchased the Makeup Revolution beauty calendar last year and I'd say at least 15 of the full sized products are sitting in my makeup table, completely and utterly unused. From lip glosses to blushers there are products in there that I never would have purchased for myself, the colours aren't the ones for me or I simply don't wear that type of makeup. I paid £45 for my calendar last year making each product £1.87 each but considering 15 of them are sitting upstairs without even a dent in them that means I wasted £28.05 on products I never would have brought myself.
If you take into consideration this years price of £30, making each product just over £1 each, if I still don't use 15 of them that's still a waste of £18.75 I could have spent on products I actually would have used.

SO what do you think? Are beauty calendars really worth the money or are they just a brilliant marketing scheme to get us to part with our hard earned cash?

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  1. This is such an interesting post, and I have to say on the whole I agree with you. Beauty advent calendars are everywhere (more each year), so they're obviously a big money spinner for the brands. I think it's a case of choosing extremely wisely and taking a good look at the contents before deciding to buy. This year, I've decided not to buy one - I think you can get better value in the themed limited edition beauty boxes (I especially like the Naturisimo ones). Tx

  2. That's so true - I think they are having a bit of a moment and they sound very exciting. Who doesn't like getting a new beauty treat every day, right? I mainly look on them as a way to try new products I wouldn't normally try and work out what I want to buy in 2017! That's why I'd always rather get a calendar with a sample of different brands in rather than just one brand. Unless Urban Decay brought one out, in which case I'd probably succumb because I LOVE it!

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