Friday, 28 October 2016

Baby Wardrobe - Sneak Peak

Even when I wasn't pregnant or even remotely interested in womb fruit, I loved baby clothes. Is there anything more adorable than tiny baby shoes? (Yes, I know puppies...) With this in mind I thought I'd share a few bits from #BabyPowells wardrobe before he comes along and throws up on them!

It's already started. I'm dressing out of Primark and refusing to spend loads of money on a coat when his wardrobe is full to the brim of various designers and I'm paying crazy prices for tiny coats. It's amazing just how addicting buying tiny clothes can be, I go out with a plan to get some baby grows and end up with everything from socks to bedding. It just doesn't end!

With my new addiction in mind I thought I'd share some of the bits in his wardrobe I can't stop cooing over.
First up tiny Ralph Lauren polos, jumpers, baby grows and hoodies. Seriously somebody stop me.

If you've ever read my Twitter, Facebook or blog you'll probably know when I'm let loose near a Ralph Lauren it always ends very badly for my bank account and now I get to spend money on someone else (goodbye buyers guilt) it's only got worse.

Will you just look at them?! I even went as far as getting him a Ralph Lauren baby grow for his coming home outfit (like I said seriously I have an issue haha!)

Who knew Jasper Conran did such adorable baby clothes? Well I didn't. 
Two of these gorgeous sleep suits have embroidered teddy bears on while the other has tiny boats and whales. As his bedroom is sea themed it only seemed right his sleep wear matched too right?

It has to be done doesn't it? Part and parcel of having a tiny human means the fun of dressing them up. 
As he's due on the 18th December I've brought a few Christmas bits and pieces including this gorgeous body suit from Mothercare that looks like a reindeer. I'm utterly determined he's going to be here by Christmas so how cute will this be when we go out for our Christmas stroll!?
Buzz light year is just a given, hes's still got the joy of discovering Disney (and the horror when he's old enough of seeing what I dressed him in...) so as soon as we saw this and the Star Wars R2D2 suit it was needless to say they were getting purchased.

Other items in his wardrobe include baby Gap hoodies (matching to daddy's of course), jeans, plaid shirts, rain jackets, hats, socks and so much more. We're currently once again on a buying ban we he has so many clothes we're pretty sure he's only going to wear some of them once!

(the results of the last buying ban...)

Do you have a passion for tiny fashion?

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  1. Aww! Baby clothes are SO cute. I'm forever stopping to "aww" and "ooh" over baby clothes when I pass them in the shops. I love the R2D2 and Buzz Lightyear outfits - adorable! x x


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