Monday, 7 November 2016

Simply Be Wish List

Maybe it's because I'm pregnant but there seems to some utterly amazing clothes around at the moment that I just can't get my bump into. I keep seeing so many gorgeous dresses and rock chick jackets that I utterly adore but just can't purchase. I decided to make a Simply Be wish list so I can start purchasing as soon as this baby is born!

I can't get over how much nice stuff Simply Be has this year! Being plus sized, buying clothes online isn't always easy. Some brands are more generous in their sizing than others which can leave you feeling frustrated or having to send back item after item. I've been loving the fact I know I can log on to the website and know that chances are I'm going to find what I want in my size.

Maternity fashion sucks so I've been creating a sizeable wish list on the website to get me excited about being able to buy clothes I love again and I thought I'd share a few of my current favourite pieces!

Simply Be WIshlist

So what do you think of some of my wish list pieces? I've also go my eye on a fair few pairs of shoes and a gorgeous looking biker jacket!

Until next time,


  1. Simply Be always has the best clothing! I tend to buy most of my clothing from there as a plus size person because I just know that it will actually fit. This is a great wish list!

    Eleanor -

  2. Ooh! I adore that anchor shirt! I'm loving the dresses/tops with collars too! Love your wish list.


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