Saturday, 24 December 2016

My Birth Story

With my little man just over a week old, I thought I'd share my birth story. I loved reading other peoples when I was expecting as you know what's going to happen but you don't all at the same time! Now if birth isn't your kind of thing you'll probably want to skip past this post, just as a bit of a warning!

On Monday 12th December I spent the day at home wrapping up pressies for Christmas. I kept getting back ache and achey hips but as it was nothing out of the ordinary I carried on with my day. Stew kept saying he was going to make a arrival on the 13th but I was convinced he was going to stay in there until nearer to his due date of the 18th.
So cue Monday night, I'm in Homebase buying plaster and I start to get shooting pains in my hips, nothing new so when we get home I start plastering. The pain progressively gets worse and I notice that I'm bleeding, ring the midwife unit nothing to worry about it's just my mucus plug. I pop some paracetamol and carried on plastering and the pain fizzles out. 

We watch TV for a few hours and then off to bed I go. I wake up at around 2am with minor period pains, again something I've had for a few weeks so I really didn't think much of it. I sat up till around 2.30am playing Bejewelled on my phone before I decided to wake Stew up as I was starting to think maybe something was happening.

Well from this point on wards the whole experience was a total whirl wind and seems like so long ago. Me and Stew sat in bed watching a bit of TV and started to time my 'period pains'. Within an hour they were lasting 40 seconds every 3 minutes, so I ring the labour ward to be told I need to hang on as they could still subside and they need to be at least every 2 minutes before they'll accept me in. 

Come 6am they were progressively worse and I knew I was most definitely in labour, I can't lie at this point they really weren't something I couldn't cope with and I kept putting off leaving to go to hospital as I didn't want to get sent home but as we had a 30 minute drive, Stew insisted we got our stuff together and went.
On the way we realised that after months of having my bags packed we didn't buy any Lucozade so cue a 6.30am stop with me 3-4cm dilated in a Shell garage while Stew ran in and brought some. I kept thinking my waters were going to pop and praying that I didn't ruin my car haha!

We finally arrived at the hospital at around 6.40am but obviously we hadn't done a dry run as we were planning on doing it that weekend, so cue us arriving at the total wrong side of the hospital, me still having contractions every 3 minutes and Stew having to drive around and find someone to ask for directions. Turns out we had to go back out of the hospital and it was about a 4 minute drive!

When we were finally in the semi right place, we made our way to the Midwifery ward and I think it's when it finally hit me. This was it.

I stood at the entrance, next to a huge Christmas tree and remember saying to Stew I don't want to do this. I knew what was going to happen but I had no idea, I was scared, overwhelmed, in pain and my baby was on his way.

At this point we were met by a Midwife who lead me into a gorgeous suite with a massive birthing pool, sofa bed, radio, bathroom and obviously a bed. She took my details while Stew popped out to park the car and get our bags and as I'd arrived dead on hand over, she explained it would be a few minutes and the Midwife on shift would be in to see me.

Once the new Midwife came in she explained that because I was low risk unless I wanted an epidural I would remain on the Midwife led unit and could have various drugs. I told her I would like a water birth with as little interference as possible but if I needed it, I was totally up for having anything and everything that would help me cope.

She explained that she needed to see how far gone I was and that would determine how we moved forward. Turns out I was already 4cm dilated so I decided to get into the pool to help with the contractions.

The water really, really helped. It took all the weight off my body and seemed to dull the pain for a while. I must have been in the pool for almost 2 hours when I felt like I couldn't cope with just sitting in there and needed to stand to help me get through the contractions.

I got out, got dressed and spent the next hour or so standing and leaning my way through the contractions with Stew constantly rubbing my back before I knew I was going to need some help and asked for the gas and air.

From this point on, I honestly don't remember much. I have bits and pieces such as the Midwife needing to pop my waters and the relief of the pressure. I remember Stew telling me I was doing well, to breathe or to try and drink. I also remember begging for an epidural and being 100% sure that I couldn't do it, I even told Stew if I died I would be okay as the pain was so extreme.

I remember the urge to push, and I remember not being able to cry but apart from that it's all a stressful blur. It turns out I got my little man out in 3 contractions and I was only in the 3rd stage of labour for 8 minutes but honestly it could have been hours. I was sucking on the gas and air like it was going out of fashion and it really was the only thing apart from Stew that got me through.

The last bit I remember was pushing him out, the utter relief that it was over and he was here. I was so tired and overwhelmed I just grizzled like a child as I couldn't manage to cry. They placed him on my chest, Stew cut the cord and that was it, Oliver was here!

He was born on 13th December, 12.57pm weighing 7 2.5lb.

I still feel sick when I think about what I did and what I was able to do. I still can't believe he's here or how much my life has changed in such a short amount of time.

One thing I do know for sure, my body is utterly incredible and despite all my hang ups and dislikes I grew a whole human and carried him for 9 months. It's certainly given me a whole knew out look on body confidence if nothing else!

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  1. I must admit I read these posts with a mixture of awe, respect and fear! Haha. I know one day this will be me and it terrifies me. But it's amazing. And you're amazing for what you did. You made a tiny little human and bought him into the world. Ain't much better than that! And thanks for sharing your birth story! x x

  2. Congratulations and it sounds like an AMAZING first birth! I hope you are enjoying new motherhood! Did you have him at QEQM? The midwifery unit is so lovely there.

  3. Oliver is such a cute little dude! Reading your story I was wincing, as the pains flash back. The weirdest part is the extreme pain and then instantly a little body is on you and it goes is amazing. love gas and air! Made me funny, one point I thought the Doctor breaking my waters was Lionel Richie, then thought I was on Emmerdale 😂

    Great post and well Done you both!

    Stacey xxx


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