Monday, 20 February 2017

My Living Room Makeover

My living room has gone through some serious changes in the last year. Mainly due to me getting over excited by being able to actually decorate a property as I want and changing my mind about 40,000 times. I'm pleased to announce it's finally finished!

My house needed some serious love when we moved in. The en-suite leaked through onto my sofa, we had lovely red carpet, textured wallpaper and only one window was double glazed! It was used as a meeting room for social workers as the previous owner was a foster carer. 
When we viewed the property it had a whopping 4 2 seater sofas, a chair, TV,  loads of knick knacks and that topped off with the dark carpet and beams made it seem over cluttered, busy and TINY despite the fact it's a 13.7 by 13.5 ft room. Even the large bay window didn't seem to help give the room any extra light or space.

Getting the textured wallpaper off was a total nightmare to be frank and it took me around 14 hours start to finish. It was not only super thick but it felt like it had been put on with superglue. One of the walls is a stud wall so we have two living rooms instead of one but upon pulling the wallpaper off we discovered it hadn't actually been put up very well, so we had to get it re-plastered. Not that I really minded that much, any excuse to get rid of the textured ceiling was a winner with me!

I love a feature wall. Love em. So my feature wall started off it's life looking a bit er, different to say the least. Maybe I was having flash backs to Victoria Secrets? To be honest I still love that wallpaper but it certainly didn't work as a living room feature wall!

Last Saturday saw the arrival of my brand spanking new sofas. After a week of sitting on the floor due to SCS totally buggering up our delivery, they finally arrived and I can finally say my living room is finished!

One of my fave pieces in my living room is this lamp from First Choice Lighting. It matches so well with my black and silver pillows and adds that bit of metallic which is always in trend for home interiors!
My furniture (corner unit, coffee table, side table and TV stand) are all painted with outdoor fence paint in the colour 'white Jasmin' as they were all plain pine when we brought them. My coasters are sample tiles from B&Q with felt feet stuck to the bottom of them! 

I'm super pleased with my finished room, what do you think?

Until next time,

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  1. Wow - I love your new living room! It looks amazing. You've done such a good job :) x x

  2. You can see the hard work you've put into it, it looks great love your coffee table and cushions :)


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