Thursday, 23 February 2017

My Summer Bucket List

I love doing bucket lists. I've done them for a few years now, breaking it down into months or seasons rather than entire lifetime ones. I find it helps me actually do things that I know I wanted to do and by writing it down it actually helps push me out of my comfort zone to get out there and live life.

You can find my old bucket lists here - Previous Bucket Lists

I don't always complete my bucket list mind, life does, often get in the way but I always make the effort to at least try to do a few of them! So this year is going to be no different, in fact I can even add a few more 'fun' things seeing as I now have a little one!

1. Swim in the sea
2. Go to Wild Wood
3. Spend a day at the beach
4. Meet new people
5. Go to more baby meets
6. Go to London 
7. Go to a museum
8. Visit the Shell Grotto
9. Go on a long seaside walk
10. Try a new food
11. Take Oliver swimming
12. See a live band
13. Get a sun tan!!
14. Dye my hair a mad colour
15. Have a BBQ

What would be on your bucket list for the summer?

Until next time,



  1. Oh! Cool idea post, I need to do my summer list! 14. Do it!!! :)) (pink haha)

  2. Like the idea if doing a summer bucket list instead of a life one.makes u go out and take advantage of the weather

  3. Love this list - I am so looking forward to Summer now. These sunny days are just upping my excitement for the Summer! x x


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