Monday, 13 February 2017

Our Garden Plans

Last year my house plans were all indoors based. Getting it into a liveable condition was our biggest priority but now the inside bar two bedrooms are done, our focus is going on our outdoor space. With spring almost here and the summer on it's way it's time for us to get our plans finalised.

If you ever read my other blog you may know, my house has split outdoor space. Behind the kitchen and dining room we have a completely pave area with two permanent gazebos and a hot tub. The other garden space we have is on the side of the house which currently is a bit of a mud pit. It had a massive mouldy shed which we had to remove but still currently has a summer house and fence that leads around to the driveway.
The space we are concentrating on first is the one behind the kitchen and dining room as it's the view from both of those windows and to be honest at the moment it needs some serious attention.

We're planning to pull both of those gazebos down as they take up so much room and block off so much light, we thought it'd be fab to have as a mini seating area. I've found some great garden furniture on the Fishpools website and I think it would look fab with a rattan sofa out there. You can get some great  rattan sets now from corner sofas to separates but I think it's just what that currently, wasted space needs.

We have a mini fire pit out there which we purchased from The Range during the summer last year and it really is lovely on a summer evening after a BBQ. It really does keep you warm and it's lovely relaxing with a bit of tipple watching the flames crackle away! 

I think our outdoor space is going to take some serious hard work, from repainting fences, removing gazebos, power washing the paving and generally giving it a lick of paint but I think in the end it'll be worth it.  I'm rubbish at gardening and don't really enjoy the maintenance but maybe a few potted plants for a colour hit would be nice too. I'm definitely more of a cactus kinda girl!
Oh and by the way, while we do have a hot tub and I know I shouldn't moan, they are such a pain to maintain and use! Last summer we spent so much time fussing over chemicals and testing it that we only actually got to use the thing about 4 times. Plus I was pregnant and it's not really advised that pregnant woman use them, so I spent most of the time getting a nice bubbly foot massage!

What would you do with this space?

Until next time,

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  1. I'd love to have a garden that was easy to maintain and access. I'm loving the idea of a seating area. I think you should get a really cool fort for when your little man is older! Our garden is like a big, gross jungle!


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