Monday, 6 March 2017

How To Rock Your Pinterest

By no stretch of the imagination am I a Pinterest Guru. I don't have thousands of followers and I'm not even the best at creating those ultra sleek images but I've made it a personal target this year to improve my Pinterest game and I've spent the twilight hours during night feeds researching and learning some amazing tips!

How to rock your Pinterest

I don't think I'm alone in trying to get my head around Pinterest, there is so much content and I know how easy it is to fall down the rabbit hole and lose hours of your life and with so many potential blog visitors it's crucial you help your pins, stand out.

Pin Descriptions

Pinterest is essentially a search engine, so the more you can add your keywords and descriptions to your pins the better.  Think short snappy to the point sentences, like you'd search on Google for; think 'rainbow party theme' or 'black and white living room' instead of 'February wishlist'.
Always add a direct link of your blog to your description! This means instead of having to click the image to be taken through to your site, pinners have the option to directly click through. It sounds like a really unimportant thing but it can seriously improve your traffic.
One final thing to do is set up Rich Pins. I've only recently learnt about Rich Pins but it's a fab, free service that can dramatically improve your Pinterest. Not only does it help attract more people to your content but they are more noticeable and they help drive traffic. Win win!

Facebook Groups

Groups on Facebook are a fabulous way to drive traffic to your site and it's social media platforms. There are thousands of blogger groups for all niches and walks of life that support each other. Promoting using these groups not only helps drive traffic to your site and potentially new readers but they also offer threads to re-pin, re-tweet, share and comment! Go get involved and you'll be surprised just how much reach you can get!

Pinterest Group Boards

These boards are perfect for adding your content too. Join ones that are relevant to your content, making sure that you give it a fab description and don't forget to add it to your own boards too!

Pinterest Business Account

Regardless if you only blog for fun or if you make a living from it, the business account is SO handy! The business account is free of charge, gives you a clickable link in your bio to your blog/website and it lets you see your analytics. Perfect for seeing what works for you and what needs work!

Pinterest Images

On Pinterest, dark dingey images just won't get clicked on. Think bright, colourful and interesting photos that are crisp and in focus. Make the most of your images by using editors such as Canva to help add text that will get peoples interest and make your image stand out from the crowd! Oh and don't forget to have a Pinable image on your blog or website!

So there's my straight to the point, hours of reading blogs and websites information on how to rock your Pinterest!

Do you have any easy tips to help improve your reach?

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  1. I literally need to push Pinterest more, I always forget i have it! Fab guide x

  2. I love pinterest on a personal level but I'm rubbish for using it as a blogger - I'd never thought of adding blog links into the description. That's a great idea.

  3. Such good tips. I love Pinterest and I'm trying to up my game, I've already started to use some of your tips - especially making sure I'm giving my pins an easy search description!


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