Thursday, 4 May 2017

Bullet Journal Inspiration & Tea

I'm so looking forward to the summer. I've got so many plans I'd love to be able to make reality so I've been looking into the bullet journal route. I know, I'm so behind the times but I really think now my mini human has a better sleep routine I might just have the chance to actually sit down for a few hours a night and do it.

I've been inspired to try and get my life in some sort of order this year and I love that bullet journals are so creative and interchangeable, a mix of a diary and planner. I've been loving all the fab ideas from people I follow on Instagram as well as Pinterest so thought I'd share my Pinterest board with you incase you need some inspiration or like me your also interested in starting one!

Now with all that researching and future creativity I've been drinking my own weight in tea. Thankfully I was sent the fab April box of Tea Tourist and I can say once again, it's a brilliant one. 
This month I received some fantastic flavours that I cannot wait to make into cold drinks during the hotter months. As always you get six loose teas from 6 different artisan tea producers, all high quality and all gorgeous. This months fave for me was the Pumpkin for Bananas flavour which is basically liquid banana bread, this bad boy will be going into my next banana bread and I might even try making it into a more milk based drink.

I also got some lush peppermint tea, which is a classic fave but this one tastes so fresh and crisp, I just wanna reach for some chocolate cake to munch with it. Nom. There was also some Hibiscus flower tea, chocolate and ginger tea, shades of grey black tea and Thieves brew black tea. I reckon this month was probably my favourite Tea Tourist box I've had so far, every single tea was incredible in it's own way and you can just taste the difference between these and your old PG Tips, it's crazy!

With all this in mind please do send me links or ideas for bullet journals! I love to see other people's creativity.

Until next time,



  1. Those teas sound delicious! I'm always into the different flavours x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  2. I love the idea of bullet journal. So many people seem to have and be doing them, however, I find it all a bit too 'much'. Peoples journals look so pretty and seem to have EVERYTHING and every possibility in them, but to be honest, I just couldn't be bothered! lol I have a Personal Planner and I love it. Each Sunday or as when I need to, I add things that are happening to it, with a tick box. If I haven't completed a task that day I write it to do the next day or a different day. I also highlight daily tasks that are a necessity.
    Good luck though! I do like reading peoples posts and seeing peoples journals. It's just all about finding what works for you. :)


  3. I have just started a bullet journal and am loving taking the time to sit down and create pages

    Stacey xxx


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