Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My Internet Addiction*

I remember back in the days of dial up internet and being screwed if anyone wanted to use the phone. I remember even back then this entire new world that the internet created and opened us up too. I must admit I have an internet addiction and I reckon I'm not on my own.

I've always loved the online world, the opportunities, the communities and who can forget online shopping. Thankfully the internet has come a long long way since those dark days of slow dial up and we now have an entire world permanently available for us to divulge into.

Now I'm gonna have to admit something that's a bit errrrr embarrassing I'm sure many of you will remember Myspace and some of you may even remember Vampirefreaks, yes? Well I was 'internet famous' on both. I cringe thinking back now, those top 8 of my best friends, those like for like chains, spending hours carefully scrolling through Myspace to find the perfect profile song but in reality, social media hasn't gone much further today (apart from those annoying profile songs that you couldn't turn off...) Now regardless if your accessing the net from your smart phone or business mobile phone we are spending more and more time in our virtual worlds. 

I'll openly admit I'm a bit addicted to the internet, the opportunities this virtual world has offered me and the incredible friends I've made over the years. My life has definitely been made better by the internet. I think of the pleasure blogging has brought me and what I would actually do with my spare time if it wasn't around. Can you imagine a world without Pinterest?! Being able to loose hours down that gorgeous DIY rabbit hole, my entire wedding would have been completely different.

Everything about our lives are now based online. Netflix, Spotify, Catch Up TV, when online the world is your oyster and there's nothing you can't see, play, do or learn. 

So here I am a total internet addict #broadbandandme and I'm totally happy with that.

Do you love the virtual world?

Until next time,

*collabrative post



  1. I always wonder how I'd cope without the internet now, I remember when we first got dial up, having to try and sneak onto the internet to use the AOL chat rooms when mum was upstairs so she didn't hear the dial up ! I barely go 30 minutes without using the internet for something these days!

  2. Without the internet I'd never have met my soon-to-be husband, so I owe it a lot really! I'm definitely an internet addict, and I'm not ashamed of it :D x x


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