Sunday, 23 July 2017

Violet and Flamingo Peek-a-boo Ombre Hair

I've spent more hours than I'd care to remember dying my hair. I've been just about every colour imaginable over the years and I've loved some colours more than others but I decided it was time to take the plunge back into that bright coloured hair life. This time I decided to go for Le Riches' Directions in Violet and Flamingo Pink!

Violet and Flamingo Peek-a-boo Ombre Hair

Now I went into this knowing there was a chance my hair wouldn't take properly as post partum hormones and the fact I used a shitty box dye on my hair the other week because I couldn't take my roots any longer and I didn't have a chance to pop to the wholesaler. I was right, the newly dyed areas of my hair didn't take very well but as I was going for a peekaboo look and I rarely have my hair up I wasn't too worried.

Violet and Flamingo Peek-a-boo Ombre Hair

I used Garnier in the colour baby blonde #9 from the get go I didn't like it but I was in that awk stage of wanting to do my hair dark but not and wanting to remain blonde but not as light. I'm now waiting a few weeks before I re-bleach and tone it all as it's a horrible colour. We live and learn eh?!

ANYWAY. I was toying with the idea of a dip dye but I couldn't be arsed with the up keep to be honest so I decided for a peek-a-boo ombre look 'cause it doesn't have to be perfectly kept to still have an impact. So I sectioned off where I wanted the dye to go, explained to the husband who had very much been dragged into my little experiment and showed him how to get the ombre.

Once the dye was on and a good half a pot of Violet later it was on and there was no turning back! I left this on for about 20 mins just because I wasn't sure how it was going to take and semi permanent doesn't actually do a great deal of damage to your hair as your simply depositing pigment rather than lightening or changing anything.

I washed it out by keeping my hair sectioned and doing the colours first, then tying the coloured part up and washing the blonde as I didn't want any colour to transfer. I then towel dried each section so it wasn't dripping and brushed my hair through.

Unstyled but dry this is the result. The pink didn't take as well as I'd hoped but I only done it because I had about a third of a pot of flamingo pink left, so if it doesn't stick I'll just bung some more purple on it!

Now here you can see where my shitty box dye clearly isn't light enough for the semi to take. Again because it's underneath my hair I'm not too bothered as it's extremely rare for me to wear my hair up but it's something I'll definitely be sorting in the next few weeks. 

The final result is my main blog post photo and I'm pretty pleased with the results considering!

Have you had any crazy hair colours?

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  1. Love it! Love the fact husbands suddenly get turned into stylists. I just recently tried the Directions Carnation pink fog a top up. Done with conditioner like it says on YouTube but didn't look no different so shoved it on straight from the pot lol! I didn't realise how hard it is for bright colours, i love mine when all bright and vibrant. Love the idea of your peakaboo style and looks amazing when curly xxx

  2. It looks brilliant - and shout out to Stew for the hairdressing skills! X


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