Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Workouts, Job Hunting and Blogging

It feels like ages since I updated my blog, I mean to be fair it's been almost a month since I last posted anything and I must admit there's been many factors to my lack of updates and lack of inspiration to post BUT I'm back and I've got loads to share...

First up, in my month break I've enjoyed the silence. The endless Twitter drama between bloggers, the cliques and the constant 'YOU NEED TO SUPPORT OTHER BLOGGERS' bollocks. To be fair, just because you write your opinions on the internet with a hope that some people will find it so engaging they'll actually read it doesn't mean I have to like you. Nor does it mean I should constantly throw about confetti 'cause your 'girl bossing it'.

I don't mean to come back on such a downward note but bloody hell, blogging isn't real life. If you don't agree with something someone said on Twitter fucking move on or pop over to Facebook for a while. 

NEXT thing on my agenda for this update, I'm feeling more like 'me' than I have in a bloody long time. I'm working out regularly and although loosing weight is the goal, I haven't jumped on the scale in weeks and to be honest I don't care what they say. I feel better in myself and no number on the platform of self loathing is going to change my view. My tiny dude is now almost 7 months old and these last 6 months have really changed my attitude on life, myself and the world in general.
In the last few years I've sort of moved away from my alternative dress sense, music taste and hairstyles, I don't think it was a conscious decision but my old job meant a lot of these things weren't work place appropriate so I couldn't do them. Now I've been at home however, I'm back listing to heavy metal, wearing my eyeliner too thick and rocking ripped jeans and band shirts. HELL YES.

Next up, I've been job hunting! With my little dude now getting close to the 7 month mark I thought it was time I looked at going back to work. I was even offered a job but sadly I've had to turn it down, childcare and work related costs mean I'd be walking away with around £80 at the end of the month and to be, that just isn't worth me missing his first word, first step and next big milestones. So I'm back to being a stay at home mum and I've decided to embrace it, the groups for mum meets I've created are going well and I've made some lovely new friends so I'm excited to see how my few years from a career break pans out and get to spend time watching my tiny human grown which I know I am extremely lucky to be able to do.

So, hello guys! Expect more updates from me but with a bit of a difference and possibly a bit of a re-brand on the horizon.

How have you all been?

Until next time,



  1. YES YES YES!!!!!
    Glad to see you back posting, dressing and feeling more you.
    YES LADY!!
    Gillian  xx

  2. Glad to see you back!! Missed your presence around here. How lovely that you get to be a stay at home and not miss out on any special moments! x x


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