Thursday, 10 August 2017

Belgian Chocolate Ice-cream Cones

Who doesn't love chocolate? It's definitely one of my weaknesses, if I know there's some sitting in the cupboard I can hear the little bugger calling my name. It doesn't matter the weather, I'll always lean towards chocolate over sweets so super fun shaped and themed chocolate seemed like something I needed to blog about.

As I said I've always been a huge chocolate addict, I even went to Cadbury world for my 1st wedding anniversary 'cause ya know, chocolate.
I'm also a sucker for packaging. I love a good box or a lovely wrapped product, you eat with your eyes after all! So when these little beauties arrived on my doorstep I was immediately sucked in by the bloody gorgeous box they arrived in. A lovely cream almost flocked box with Choc On Choc in the center, it just screamed whatever is inside is going to be lush and boy I wasn't disappointed.

Inside was two gorgeous chocolate ice-cream cones and I was genuinely taken aback at just how perfectly detailed they were and shocked at the size of them. 
Size wise they are basically your average ice-cream cone. At a massive 150g these Belgian chocolate shaped ice-cream cones hide a gorgeous fudge piece secret and taste incredible. Choc On Choc aren't stingey with the fudge pieces either, you get a decent size chunk and they are evenly distributed throughout the whole cone. In fact the only issue I had with it was trying to get through to the middle, I had to take the biggest knife I owned and give it some proper welly!

Look wise, these are perfect. From the detailed lines of the chocolate flake, the perfect swirl of ice-cream and the gorgeous detail of the waffle cone made more realistic by the use of two different colours. The Choc On Choc brand name is perfectly placed on the top of the cone just to remind you that you are having quality not just fun. 

Each cone is made by hand in Somerset by the Choc On Choc team and contain a good quality chocolate. The milk chocolate contains 33.5% cocoa and the white contains 28% minimum cocoa. The result is a lovely smooth white chocolate that is sweet without being overly so. You couldn't sit and eat a whole cone in one sitting with that being said!

These little beauties are £18 for two which is on the more expensive side but they would make a fabulous gift. They do loads of different themes from cocktails to fruit and they all look adorable!

What do you think of them? 

Until next time,

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  1. Omg these look amazing! Would be fantastic gifts! So clever how realistic they look xxx

  2. I don't think I could eat that much chocolate! They look amazing though, I need to get a chocolate based gift for someone soon so I think These would be perfect! X


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