Friday, 25 August 2017

Mecca Bingo And The Big Bingo Bash

Everyone loves a bit of bingo right? There's nothing like a night at the bingo, cheap food and drink and the chance to win cold hard cash! I was invited to Mecca Bingo's Big Bingo Bash, a night like no other with BGT finalist Danny Posthill!

The Big Bingo Bash was probably one of the best nights out I've had in ages! On arrival we were greeted with loads of free drinks and food vouchers along side our bingo cards and the fun started from there. We were led through the casino room (and stopped to have a picture with the giant Instagram frame, 'cause what kinda bloggers would we be otherwise?!) into the main hall, where there was a live band playing and a buzz about the room.

We settled in our seats, got some drinks and food in and waited for the entertainment to begin! Our tweets were being shown on a giant screen behind the band so we had lots of fun looking out for other bloggers and waiting for ours to appear! As a little tip, did you know that before you head out to a bingo event  or play online you can actually read reviews from other players? If you love online bingo try this Egyptian themed casino site to read all about them!

The night had elements of bingo but was a game show really, if your numbers came in during the bingo games not only did you win cash but the chance to go up on stage and win some seriously cool prizes from spa days, holidays, designer handbags and cash to bog roll, tins of beans and karaoke machines. The audience helped the winners all night and no one was there for themselves, it was a real team spirit with everyone hoping the winner would walk away with the prize they desired.

One of my favourite games was called Fireball, where giant balls were let loose into the bingo hall and it turned into a free for all. Everyone ran to the centre to bash the balloons about until the music stopped and then one of the balls would contain a prize. Myself and Kat ended up right in the center giggling like children!

Sadly we didn't win any prizes ourselves (apart from our Big Bingo Bash mugs for being on team RED!) but we all went away feeling like winners! We were even given amazing goodie bags for attending which on top of everything else was such a lovely gesture! We honestly had such a fantastic time, I'd recommend it to anyone who was considering going and I only hope it comes back to Broadstairs sooner than later, as I'd love to do it all over again!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention do you like our selfie contest entry? We thought it was a total cracker...

A massive thank you to Mecca Bingo for the invite and such an awesome night! 

Until next time,

*I was invited to the Big Bingo Bash by Mecca Bingo's PR. Also contains a sponsored link.


  1. This looks like such a fun night! Great photos :)

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