Sunday, 8 October 2017

My Winter Sun Plans*

I'm lucky enough to be heading out on holiday not once, but twice this winter! Catching some winter sun is definitely becoming my holiday of choice as I miss out on the busy period and still get to sunbathe without melting into a puddle. So where am I heading off too?
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I flew off to Florida last January but I haven't really been on holiday since. Even Florida was a bit of a whirlwind, we were in the middle of buying our house and only popped out to get some bread! We came across a Virgin holidays booth and booked it there and then, probably the most expensive loaf we're ever purchased!

So this year we have a baby in tow so didn't fancy going long haul yet! First of all we're off to Disneyland Paris for our tiny dudes 1st birthday and our 2nd holiday is to Lanzarote in January.

I'm a nervous flyer, I just hate it. So the option of not going long haul is most appealing to me and with a year old flights that were around 3-4 hours seemed like our best choice. There are some fantastic locations in a 4 hour flight that offer some gorgeous winter sun that'll give you the will to put up with the huge coats and scarfs during December! Holiday Gems offer some fantastic holidays at a fab price so there's no excuse not to book a cheeky week away and live those summer dreams!

Since we're heading off to Disneyland Paris in December, I'm stocking up on loads of warm clothes as it's meant to be freezing! I've ever heard of it snowing and although that would definitely add to the Disney magic, I can imagine we are going to be living off hot chocolates and tea! 

We recently booked a Sun £9.50 holiday to Hastings and had a great time! Although it's still the good ole British weather and it did rain a bit, we were super lucky and had warm sunshine for most of the week. We headed out to places such as the true crime museum, shopping and swimming and even took the hour's drive to Brighton to see Sea Life and Choccy Woccy Do Dah! It was really nice just to get away from normal life for a week and spend some proper family time together (while I drunk Jelly Baby cocktails to get me through the kids entertainment haha!).

Despite having the next two holidays booked and only a few weeks apart we are looking further ahead into next year to where we'd like to go next. Again with a 1 year old I'm not sure I'd want to do a long haul flight but I'd love to hear any recommendations! I don't do well with heat so we do need somewhere that isn't scorching!

Do you have winter sun plans?

Until next time,


  1. Lanzarote is definitely great for chilling with kids, my parents took us to the Canary Islands so many times so they could relax haha!

  2. Oh lucky you, I could so do with a bit of a winter getaway but alas no and I hate the fact that I don't yet have any holidays planned for next year either. Mich x

  3. I'm going away in January and I can't wait. Nothing beats a little Winter sun!

    Love Eleanor //

  4. So jealous! I'm dying to go to Disneyland Paris. I've never been to Hastings, but I love seaside towns so I think I will definitely add it to my list. We are contemplating taking a holiday abroad next year, something all inclusive to make it easier for me though haha!


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