Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Forget The Chocolate, Pass Me The Gin!

Let's face it, while you can get some fab chocolate advent calendars now, they're kinda old news. With December being the month of gluttony you might as well go big or go home so 24 days of Gin definitely isn't a bad way to go....

What's better than cracking open your advent calendar and kicking back with a good 'ole Christmas movie? Nothing right? So here's my list of Gin advents that your gonna love AND none of them are over £100!

Kicking things off with this beauty £95 from John Lewis

This substantial advent contains a massive 5.3L of the good stuff and perfectly matched tonics. It's bound to put a smile on the face of any gin drinker!

Fever Tree Gin & Tonic Advent Calendar from Waitrose & Partners.

If you want something a bit lighter on the pocket but still with all the, well...... gin. This is one that will be right up your street! 12 50ml bottles of Gin and 12 150ml bottles of matched tonics. Perfect!

Very 12 Days Of Luxury Gin £49.99

If 24 days of gin seems a bit too much during the holiday season celebrations then why not give this 12 day one a go? It contains 12 days of tipple, all double serve!

Getting Personal Gin Time £79.99

You'll only get 12 bottles of gin with this one BUT you get this fantastic wooden stand, to re-use year after year. Maybe you decide you only want your fave gin instead of a mix of different brands? This one is not only a perfect 12 days but a brilliant reusable advent for years to come!

Last but by no means least is;

That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent

24 gins some award winning and an amazing variety make this one a total bargain! 

So what will you be choosing this year?
Don't forget if you do decide to purchase why not do it through the Top Cashback website? You get money back on every purchase simply by going through their website, I've already saved close to £300 this year!

* this post contains affiliate links which help me keep my blog running! 



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