Thursday, 3 September 2015

George Asda Christmas Event

I'm going to say it, to you humbugs I'm sorry, for you that love it here it comes. Today I spent time in Somerset House looking at Christmas stuff!
I was invited to the George Asda Christmas event and because I love Christmas I knew I had to go. So I booked some leave at work and made my way over to check it out!

At this event there were a range of the new Christmas and winter themed items. We had a whole room of homeware, a room of there everyday clothing and a room full of party wear!

The first room myself and Stew from Tattooed Owl went into was the homeware. Now I adore homeware and I generally love Asda's range and I wasn't disappointed.

From gorgeous gingerbread themed cookie jars, to light up words, Christmas tree bunting, gold glitter encrusted candles, gorgeous throws, vintage style pillows to string lights, Christmas tree decorations and tea towels! You'll be spoilt for choice this year at Asda!

Next room we went into was the Christmas Jumpers, coats, boots, etc. I had to admit I've fallen head over heels in love with a coat and some boots so I can't wait for this line to be released!
They are going to offer some gorgeous items this year, that are perfect for the cold weather that will shortly be upon us.

The third room we wandered into was the party room. This was full of gorgeousness!
I'm a total sucker for a sequinned dress and I was more than happy with the range they are bringing out. They really are upping their game this year with perfect party wear that will see you through the festive period and beyond!

Finally we took a wander into the tea light making room. You were given the opportunity to make your own tea light holder out of an empty jar.
There was a table full of gorgeous glitters, fake snow, ribbon, glue, tags, pegs, flameless candles and of course jars. We had great fun creating little masterpieces to take home with us!

We did have a great time at the event the only downside for us was that there was literally no men's clothing!
They had one suit in the main room where the party wear was but that was it. We were lucky enough to get goodie bags at the end and even they didn't contain anything for males but awesome for me they did contain makeup! Stew did get a gorgeous little robot Christmas tree decoration in his though!

I'm now stupidly excited for Christmas and must admit I have already started my shopping!
Are there any ranges your looking forward too this festive season?

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  1. Aw great overview of the day :) George do have some fab stuff coming out for Xmas, I especially liked the homewares like you but also the children's clothing - such great value and lovely pieces for my little baba.
    I was surprised to see hardly any lines for men too, it had been advertised as covering their new range also so I was a bit puzzled! I managed to get a goody bag in the end but I went back and asked for one as I wasn't given one when I left, I've not tried the mascara yet but looking for to. I also got a kitty Christmas bauble which is very sweet :) Glad you had a good time, I hope to see you at some other events soon! Xx

    1. I also had to ask for the goodie bag and I didn't get a bauble! I did get a contour kit which I'm quiet excited to try out though!
      I was a bit confused by the lack of mens stuff but I don't understand why they invited male bloggers to only show them female clothing....
      They did have some lovely kids bits, I don't even had children and fell in the love with the little red coat!

  2. Some really beautiful homeward being brought out this year! Xxxx

  3. Arrghhh I really want all the homeware now that I have my own place, rather than have a shared place!!

  4. I can't believe some shops are putting christmas stuff out already. It will be here in no time x

  5. Now I am getting excited about Christmas! I can't wait for the collection to be released so I can go and buy!

    Laura x x x

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