Thursday, 28 January 2016

Eos Lip balm Review

I've been after Eos lip balms for ages, so when I was in Target and found a pack of 3 reduced from $8 down to $4.50 I knew I had to take the plunge!

Eos Lip Balm

What's better than finding a bargain? Finding a multipack that contains every single flavour you wanted to buy. Total fist pump moment.

In this pack I got Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint and Vanilla Bean. In the box there was also a pack of stickers to decorate the outside of the packages, a really nice little touch to help you personalise your lip balm!

Eos lip balms are enriched with natural conditioning oils, shea butter and antioxidant vitamin E which not only helps moisturise your lips but helps keep them looking lovely too!
I found I had really dry lips after my 8 and a half hour flight and even my Carmex wasn't touching it so I decided to give these little spheres a go as soon as I had finished paying for them and they really have helped.
They not only smell gorgeous but are lovely and smooth to apply and the product itself seems to last for ages and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and soft. I think my favourite one is the Vanilla Bean, I'm a total sucker for Vanilla!
Another plus for Eos lip balm is not only do they really work, smell gorgeous and are the perfect size to pop in your handbag but they are also 100% natural and 95% organic!

Have you tried Eos before?

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  1. I have Sweet Mint and Blueberry Acai and I love both! They were really cheap in Walmart in Canada so I grabbed a couple, new faves! xx

    Kimberley //

  2. I haven't use any other lip balms since I discovered these a couple of years ago! Just takes ages to get them as I have to get them from the US via Amazon :( But worth the wait!!

    John ¦ Shout John

  3. I love EOS! and the stickers for personalistion are a great touch!

  4. I have the sweet mint one and I absolutely love it! Really would like to try some of their others too! xx

  5. I am really glad I found this post. First of all, what a bargain! I wished we had a Target in UK. I've read a few posts and magazine articles that have said eos lipbalm can give you really sore and chapped lips, so I'm relived to find that you haven't had this experience. I will surely be keeping a lookout for these at my local drugstore. Lovely blog! Thanks again, Lou x

  6. Ooh, these sound great, I'll have to look into them. I work outside half of the time and my lips get so chapped it's horrible so hopefully these will make me feel a little more girly than vaseline! x


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