Thursday, 5 May 2016

Taking Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I love my comfort zones and it's so easy to get stuck in them, stay with the status quo and just do what your used too. It's comforting and familiar! So when I decided to relocate from London to the seaside not only did I take myself out of my comfort zone with my home, job and life but I decided to start my own business and made it a mission to meet people and make new friends.

Taking Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I've always been a wallflower I suppose! I hate being the center of attention and I get pretty flustered in a large group of people (due to anxiety wahoo!). So moving away and knowing no one was always going to be a big thing for me. I haven't really had to make friends since I was in college so the idea of starting all over again was, naturally, terrifying.

So I was sitting in my new house and thought sod it. What did I have to loose?

The answer turns out to be nothing. Nada, nowt. In fact the moment I sent an email offering to volunteer my whole life changed.

Not only have I now set up my own social media management with someone I met but I'm attending weekly meetings, networking events and talking to people I never would have dreamed about talking too. I'm helping organise a fashion show on the seafront so the vast range of people I'm meeting is incredible! I never would have dreamed of doing anything like it back in London but I really wish I'd have pushed myself to take a step out of my comfort zone years ago.

Yesterday I attended an amazing networking event for local business people and it was great. I met councillors, long term business women, high up business men, local traders and other social media people and the feeling of community and encouragement was incredible. Meeting new people really isn't as scary as I always thought it was and it's amazing how much people actually want you to succeed.

In just 3 months my life has taken a drastic turn for the better and dispite being utterly terrified of taking that first step, I wouldn't look back. I can't look back, I'm far too busy looking into the future!

When have you done something that took you out of your comfort zone?

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  1. That is so fab! Living by the sea would be my dream. Comfort zones are pretty easy for me, but I hope to start pushing out at work soon x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  2. Love this post! I think I am in the exact same before position as you was. I'm currently trying to find another job after having left my old one because things just went weird (not on my part, all thanks to someone else) and I've been struggling to get a new one, plus a friend who I thought was up there as a best friend decided to randomly just stop contacting me for no apparent reason. While I know it is quality and not quantity with friends, it would be nice to meet some new people, but just like you that is so out of my comfort zone and I hate being centre of attention and in large groups of new, not vetted lol! people. Thanks for some inspiration!

  3. I loved reading this post, getting out of your comfort zone is terrifying but it's always worth it and it makes as much stronger. It is amazing that you are organising your own fashion show, putting everything together is probably a lot of work but I bet it's really interesting as well. I am actually planning on relocate from Cologne to London and I'm pretty scared although I am really excited at the same time. xx

  4. I love reading posts about 'real-life', and this certainly gave me the boot up the back side. I'm dreadful at stepping out of my comfort zone, there's just something so comforting about routine. I'm actually planning on moving from Ireland over to London so I can study my Adult Nursing in Kingston, honestly I'm finding the whole concept terrifying but thankfully I know a few people over there! x

  5. I don't often push myself out of my comfort zones, but I remember on the few occasions I have, it's gone well. I suppose I should really do it more often! I'm so glad to hear that taking this big step and pushing yourself out of your comfort zones has paid off so well. Congrats :) x x


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