Monday, 27 June 2016

Toad Diaries Review

I went along to the Bloggers Ball in Piccadilly the other weekend. It was a fab event put on by Scarlett London for bloggers to meet and interact with brands. I was lucky enough to win one of Toad Diaries customisable notebooks or diaries that I picked up at the event. As I adore anything to do with notebooks, diaries or stationary in general needless to say it really made my day!

Toad Diaries Review

So once I made my way through the glitzy entrance of the Bloggers Ball, I found Toad Diaries at the back! I made my way through the crowds in excitement to pick up my new diary.
I'm a sucker for a good diary and I managed to loose mine in my move doh.

As I got to pick what I wanted in and on my diary I went for a hardback A5 diary and notebook combo in a gorgeous ombre effect with my blog name and address on the front.

Toad Diaries Front

I also decided to start it from June this year, so it won't finish until June next year. I really liked this option as it means should you miss the January mad rush to buy a new diary, you can still have one that's going to last you a full year. A really lovely little feature!

Toad Diaries Daily View

I also opted to have it as a 'week to 2 page spread' which means I get lots of lovely space to write down my important bits everyday and there's even a little notes space to use should you have something that needs to be completed but doesn't have an actual finish date.

Toad Diaries Features

It also has some super handy pages like quick view calendars, public holidays, pages to write important information like your phone number & email. It does also have room for things such as you blood group, allergies and National Insurance number but for me, these aren't things I'd want written down in a diary just in case I do leave it on a train somewhere.

As it's a diary and notebook combo, it has lots of room at the back as handy note pages. Great if your in meetings and don't want loads of books or you need to remember something and like me, take your diary everywhere with you!

I've been using my diary around two weeks now and I'm really enjoying it so far. I love that it's big enough to write loads or just a few key appointments. I'm investing in some planner stickers to help me really make it my own.

Design wise, it is a bit of a faff. The website is easy to use and generally quiet straight forward but it can be a bit of a process. The previews for each colour combination can take a while to load and I only learnt after playing around for a good 5 mins that there's a little link underneath the drop downs that allow you to see all the options in one easy swoop. They are rather pricey for the sake of being personalised to as a customised 12 month A5 planner will set you back £15.36. Due to it being a normal non covered hardback, I can see the edges and corners becoming worn and battered if it goes in and out of a bag a lot.

On a plus, it's very well made and feels sturdy and it is nice to be able to pick exactly what you want.

What do you think? Would you order one?

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  1. I love a Planner! This looks fab and I love that it's customised with your name.

  2. That's a gorgeous diary, I love the colour. I do need a new diary actually x

  3. What a gorgeous diary! I don't think I'd buy one - the price would put me off, plus I'm addicted to my bullet journal which I can personalise to me. But I love the look of it! :) x x


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