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Body Confidence During Pregnancy

I must admit, how I felt about my body while I'm pregnant wasn't ever something I really thought about. I just had the whole, well you get a baby bump! As I'm now just a few days off 20 weeks pregnant and still not really showing unless I wear tight clothes, I thought I'd share my experience with my body confidence during my pregnancy so far.

Body Confidence During Pregnancy

I've always had body confidence issues, I'm always on some kind of diet or I'm always striving to get to the next size drop. Why I didn't stop to think about how I'd feel when I was pregnant, now seems utterly bizarre. Your growing a whole human, of course everything's going to change!

I'm a few days off 20 weeks now and I've had some low points. Even though I'm not showing yet (unless I wear leggings and a tight fitting top), my body has already changed and while no one else can really notice, I can.
I've had to go up a clothes size because nothing else fits but I can't wear maternity clothes yet as they are too big. Despite still eating healthy and following the Slimming World diet for pregnancy I can see the way clothes are fitting me different, the fact I look fatter despite being a mere 1lb heavier than I was 20 weeks ago. I get really down that none of my going out clothes fit and I feel trapped in jeggings, baggy dresses and forgiving tops. Going clothes shopping is an utter nightmare as I feel utterly deflated that I'm a clothes size bigger yet they don't fit me properly. Trousers fit across the belly but look huge on my legs, tops fit across the belly but always have too much excess around the boobs and arms. I feel like I'm fighting a constant battle that I just can't win.

On good days, I don't care. I remember to cut myself a little slack as I'm growing a human. A whole actual person, sometimes when I can feel him move it makes everything feel okay, like the struggle and hating my body image is going to be worth it in just a few months.

The other thing I never took into consideration was would I like being pregnant? You hear and read of all these pregnant women loving it! The thicker hair, the 'glow'. I'm calling bullshit on the whole thing.
I hate being pregnant. It's rubbish. There's a list of food I can't eat, clothes don't fit, I get tired easily, I get grumpy a hell of a lot quicker. I find myself snapping for no good reason and I am constantly bloody hungry. I've got spots like I've never had before and I'm still awaiting that bloody 'glow'. So far I've discovered it's probably sweat as it's only got to hit about 18oc and I want to die and have to eat my body weight in ice lollies.
You also get jabbed with loads of needles which is fab if your like me and faint easily. You have to attend loads of appointments with people prodding you, shoving ultra sound machines in your belly while your bladders full so your trying to hardest to look excited about the tiny person on the screen while you try not to pee everywhere. Oh and to top it all off, the babies got to come out at the end of this. Like one way or another it's coming out.

I know for those struggling to have children these are all trival things and I should be grateful. Don't get me wrong I am, I'm super excited for my little man to arrive, I just can't wait for it all to be over. Oh I also forgot to mention when the baby starts moving it's like something out of alien. Seriously.

So as far as body confidence goes, us pregnant ones really do need to cut ourselves some slack. It's just so hard! As I'm laying here writing this in a pair of jeans that don't fit, a baggy Ramones shirt and I can feel my baby kicking it's all so surreal. Maybe it'll be easier for me to comprehend when I actually have a baby bump and people stop wondering how many visits to Krispy Kreme I've made this week!

Bring on December!
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  1. Aww I'm sorry to hear you're not loving pregnancy. I never stopped to think about how I would feel about a pregnancy body either, which is bizarre as we've been trying for over a year. And I ever considered that maybe some people wouldn't like being pregnant! It will all be worth it in the end though when you have that little wiggly baby in your arms. That's what you have to hold on to I think. x x


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