Sunday, 17 July 2016

How My Life Didn't End Up How I Planned It

I think everyone has a plan don't they? Of how they see themselves, where they aspire to be and what job they want. I know I did and when I was 17 I wouldn't have imagined how my life is now, a mere 10 years later and everything I wanted has completely changed.

Rewind 10 years, I was a Glam Metal loving 17 year old 80's throwback in college doing music tech because I knew all I ever wanted to do was music. I aspired to set off to college to study music and events so I could one day spend my life organising events like Download and Reading. I wasn't bothered about houses, cars, finding a guy or any of that kinda crap. I just wanted to work in music!

Fast forward my life to the now. I'm 4 months pregnant with my first child, just brought my first house, I drive an executive BMW, I just relocated to the seaside and I've just started my own social media business. 17 year old me would most definitely be horrified.

I applied to uni after college and got in but I didn't go. It just so happened that 6 months before I met Stew, who 9 years later I've been married to for 4 years this October and will be having said child with come December. After I met him I didn't really care about going to uni, I wanted to give us a try. Bizarre as when I met him I really wasn't bothered or looking for my perfect guy.

I was never one of those girls who spent their lives planning their future wedding, I'd never really thought about my wedding day. It wasn't ever something I saw as being absent, just something that I wasn't too bothered about either way. I'm not sure how 17 year old me would respond to that. Yes, I had a big white princess dress but I still walked down the aisle to AC/DC and had all my bridesmaids in black!

I then became a Librarian, something I'd never have seen myself doing. Ever.
Truth is I bloody loved it and since I got made redundant and relocated it's something I've really missed! 17 year old me would most deffo be upset by this. I was meant to spend my life planning music events not organising books, God!

However despite none of my teenage dreams coming true, I wouldn't change my life at all. I do look back and wish I had gone to uni sometimes but I see so many of my friends coming out of uni with fancy degrees and then working in retail because they can't get a job with 30K of debt to pay back. I worked my arse off and made my way up the Library chain and worked with people who had uni degrees, while all I had was experience.
I still can't believe 10 years has flown by and in so many ways I feel so much older but there's still that same 17 year old glam metaller inside who loves to get out every now and then! So if your just starting your journey, don't panic! What you think you want, might just turn out to be something completely different!

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  1. Fab post, really interesting to know what you might have been and where life might have taken you!! Xx

  2. Ahhh I loved this post! I think 17 year old you would be very proud of you as long as you are healthy and happy, and it seems that you most certainly are.

    When I was younger I was convinced that I would be the star of all the West End musicals, and now that I'm 21 my life is a bit of a mess, but it's really nice to read this post and see that things can turn out so differently but so well xx

  3. Loved this post. So nice to know some of your history! Also, you look stunning in your wedding photo! I love your dress, the tiara, your hair, the flowers. Amazing! It's kind of the complete opposite for me. 17 year old Aimee wanted to be a mum and a housewife. I had no career aspirations. I just wanted a family. Fast forward ten years I have a good job, a successful blog, I'm getting married in 13 months and we're trying for a baby. So 17 year old me would be very happy with how things have panned out! Not that it really matters what our 17 year old selves think. After all, as long as our selves now are happy, that's all that matters. x x


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