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Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks

There's a place in every girls heart for the perfect matte lipstick isn't there? We want a long lasting, pigmented pout colour that we don't have to spend all day touching up or worrying about. Seventeen have brought out the Mega Matte range which consists of 12 gorgeous shades you'll be dying to try!

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks are non drying, creamy and glide on like a dream. Unlike other mattes which can drag and apply unevenly, this range is comfortable to wear and can last up to 13 hours of gorgeous colour.

Out of a choice of 12 colours I picked three that I loved the look of; The Coral Of The Story, Roses Are Red and Violet Summer. I wanted a nude, classic red and a purple shade for autumn months.

Packaging wise, I quiet liked the design. A sleek black matte case with a glossy chevron pattern which is a nice size. I've never tried anything from the Seventeen range before so comparing it to other brands such as Mac and Rimmel, it's a well built casing with a good amount of product inside.

The lipsticks themselves are creamy and seriously pigmented. They allow you to have build-able colour from just a hint of colour to a full blown pout explosion.

The Coral Of The Story was the nude shade I picked. I've been on the hunt for the perfect nude and while this is an utterly gorgeous colour, I did find this to be a bit too pink for my skin tone.

Roses Are Red is a proper classic red. It's bold and doesn't apologise for it; the kind of red I adore. I can see this one getting used loads over the Christmas period!

Obviously as I'm a sucker for a purple lippy, I had to pick Violet Summer. It's a gorgeous vibrant pinky purple and although it's matte does offer a iridescent finish. 

I have worn these a few times before writing this review and while I don't think they can last the full 13 hours the advertising shouts about, it does last a good 4 hours without needing touching up. I recently wore Violet Summer to a fashion show I was running and despite being super busy and eating, it was still visible hours later. I do like that when these start to wear off, they seem to wear evenly and you don't end up with the bald lipstick patch in the middle of your lips.

Considering it's my first time using anything from the Seventeen brand, I'm rather impressed. Fuss free lipsticks with gorgeous colour? These get my vote.

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  1. I love a good matte lipstick. These shades are amazing.

  2. I love Matte lipstick for every day use, and the colour on the far left is absolutely perfect for me.

  3. Would have liked to have seen them on!

  4. 17 are pretty decent. I've a fuschia lipstick of theirs i've had for years that is a lovely colour. I'll have to give these a try as I like that they wear off evenly as that doesn't happen with some!
    Amy at Amy & More


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