Wednesday, 9 November 2016

KitKat Chocolatory

When I heard KitKat had opened up a pop up shop called the KitKat Chocolatory in Westfields Stratford I knew I'd have to make a visit. I love a KitKat and the chance to try something a bit different really appealed to me, especially with the flavours and variations changing weekly!

Now I'll start off by saying it's really quiet expensive for something in reality you could totally make yourself at home.
The weekly pre-made bars were £3.50 each while the customisable bars come in at a whopping £7.00. Don't forget a normal 4 finger KitKat will only set you back 60p. However, it's a total gimmick and while I couldn't justify spending £7 on a KitKat I did splash out on a £3.50 bar.

I opted for the Rocky Road Mash Up version as I love a bit of Rocky Road anyway. The bar contains your traditional milk chocolate KitKat but the front is decorated with a line of pink and white mini marshmallows and the back is covered in white chocolate, mini marshmallows, biscuit chunks and chocolate.

The bar itself is nice, it has lots of different textures and flavours and really is a welcome treat but would I splash the cash again? Probably not.
In reality these would be loads of fun to make for a film night - for a fraction of the price. I know you pay for the experience but for me part of the fun would be actually creating my own.

The KitKat chocolatory closes on the 8th November as it was only a pop up store at Stratford, so if you've missed it, you've missed it!

Would you give it a go?

Until next time,



  1. Omg! I'm now craving a kit Kat so bad! Lol.
    Whilst it's overpriced I think it's a cool idea. I love stuff like this :)

    Bex X

  2. I love Kit Kats, it's been an age since I had one - have to avoid because of the gluten! These look great, although I agree - way overpriced. I think they'd make a nice little christmas gift. You should totally have a go at making your own mashup Kit Kats!


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