Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Psychic Supper Experience

Last night (Halloween) I attended a local psychic supper experience in a local restaurant. It was a selection of mediums who were doing a live demonstration and a meal, now I'll start by saying I'm a total cynic but it's something I've always wanted to go and experience because you can't knock it until you've tried it. Here's what happened....

Our tickets said a 6.30pm start but upon booking the staff members said to get there for 6pm so we could get a table etc. Upon arrive at 6pm we were one of the first there and from the get go it was a bit of a disaster.

We were told to find a table, no one checked our tickets or asked us what food we had pre-ordered. While the guys were setting up the PA system for the mediums, one of them said 'oh were just gonna bring the food out and see what happens'. Almost an hour later the food started to arrive but in some bizarre fashion.
Instead of finding out what each table had ordered and bringing it out one by one they just kinda shouted what they were bringing out and you had to shout at them when it was what you ordered. This resulted in our table eating at all completely different times and as mine was last to arrive I was starving!

After the food fiasco the evening actually started (around 8pm) a lady came out who was a medium and told us she would walk around the room doing readings, we simply had to answer yes or no to what she was saying and not to tell her any details. Fair enough.

Stew was the first to be picked on. She said he did a lot of driving (suggested he was a white van driver) and said that his Grandad was his spirit guide and was getting bored of saving him when he was speeding on the motorway. She also said he had just brought a house and was doing it up (what happens when you buy a house...) and that she was getting feelings about a 7 year old child (none in our family). She then asked if his siblings had any young children (nope...) after getting all negatives back she moved on to say he worked in the sea or had a connection to the sea, fair play we'll give her that one as he worked in the Navy but that's where it ended.

She also then picked on my dad. Saying that she had a man there who used to put a pencil behind his ear and something about sheds. Having just knocked down a shed, she then said he was replacing it (he isn't). As a random passing end statement she mentioned Marmite (he could have loved it or hated it, she didn't specify!)

Now this was all a bit bizzare for me. Stew is around the right age to have brought a house, chances are he drove to work because most people do and of course his Grandad would have been the right age to have worked in the Army or Navy etc during the war. My dad thinks she was referring to his dad as he used to love his green house and used to put a pencil behind his ear at work but again it was big open to interpretation statements that once we sat down and thought about it, we could have made work for us.

As she continued around the room, it was all open to interpretation statements. An older gentleman, an older lady, she told at least 3 people about their driving and told a few people to stop looking at old photos etc. Nothing was really specific and quiet a few times things she said didn't work for anyone in the room.

After a 15 minute break we had a 'Trance Medium' and her spirit guide was a man called Johnathon. She sat quietly and all of a sudden came out with a mans voice and a posh accent. 
She then openly invited questions about death, people who had passed and what the 'afterlife' was like. Johnathon explained that Heaven was warm, with no pain and you either had the choice to come back immediately or enter the 'learning zone' which was basically just rooms full of educational courses to help you live a better life when you did decide to come back as a human. He also mentioned that you got to choose who you parents are, who your friends are etc before your re-born.

Johnathon then answered questions people had which made an even weirder night, weirder. People were asking if anyone was coming through for them (Johnathon wasn't just approaching people like the other lady did...) and every single time without fail, there was someone there. 
People were in tears and asking extremely specific questions such as 'did he take his own life' to which Johnathon was responding. Now, personally I think some things are better not known and if it is all a crock (which I still totally believe it is) it's just a bit sick. 

There were a table opposite us who had visited Johnathon before and he had done 'predictions' for them. One of them was told her unborn son would be a crier when he arrived and believe it or not he was. Ya know, 'cause babies don't cry....

What really topped it off for me was when Johnathon said he would like to do some 'feelings' and called upon my dad again. Now I would like to mention that my dad has a bad back and we were on these awful uncomfortable chairs (and had been for a fair few hours now) so about half an hour earlier to this he had moved and said ouch and Johnathon had made a comment about him having aches and pains. So he called on my dad to stand up and hold her hands, he gets told he has healing hands and Johnathon is now helping and healing him.
Needless to say this morning he's just as achy as he was yesterday with no signs of a miracle cure.

For me it's one of those experiences I'm glad I took part in. I still don't believe but I can understand why people might need it to help them through a hard time or death of a loved one but an awful lot of what was talked about last night and said could have really fit anyone if you sat down and thought about it.

Have you been and seen a psychic? I'd love to hear your experiences!

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  1. I point blank don't believe in any of this, I have also been cursed by two different gypsies for being a non-believer. My Grandma saw a fortune teller once, she was called Gypsy Petrulingra (I can't remember her real name, I think it's Christine, she was good friends with my Great Aunt and they all worked on one of the piers in Blackpool together). She said all this stuff about my Grandma and my family were all really sucked in, but everything she said, you could tell from just looking at my Grandma. I think they are really clever and good at what they do, the way they read people to push buttons and get people to respond in the right way is really impressive!

    It sounds like you had an interesting experience!


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