Friday, 30 December 2016

A Look Back Over 2016

This year seems to have whizzed by without letting anyone stop for a second glance. I can't believe it's almost over but I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect over the year I've had and try to take in how much my life has changed in a mere 12 months.

A Look Back Over 2016

I started 2016 after just qutting my full time Library job ready to relocate to Kent. I quit as we had brought out first home and were relocating to Kent leaving London life behind. I also quit because we'd booked our first holiday abroad together. My first holiday where I had to get on a plane in 12 years. A glorious 10 days in Florida, with tickets to Disney and Universal. Even now I get excited about the thought of going back! (oh and I got to stroke a dolphin, A DOLPHIN)

 Stressful wasn't even the word as despite all the promises from estate agents and solicitors our move had been pushed back and back until it almost fell through.
Not only was I buying my first home but I'd given up my job to do so so I can only call it sheer joy when we finally got our move date for February!

Moving was a stressful blur. Our removal men weren't the best and then we had a 70 mile journey in separate cars, while they were filled with various animals only to finally get there and discover the house was in a complete and utter state. 

Once we were somewhat settled and hubby was back off to work I realised quickly how very alone I was. All my friends were back in London so I took myself out of my comfort zone and contacted a few local places to see if I could volunteer.

By doing this I met my now business partner who I've put on a fashion show on the sea front with, worked with some fab companies and had the opportunity to be my own boss - something I've always wanted!

I also managed to buy the car of my dreams! A BMW 320D. I'd always wanted one but we'd worked so hard at saving while we were living in London we finally made that dream a reality!

A mere month or so later I found out I was pregnant! At first it wasn't one of those fairy stories with happy tears. I was uncontrollably upset. I had panic attacks and when I was asleep from being utterly shattered I was in tears. It took me a good month to get my head around the idea but if I'm honest, my entire pregnancy experience never really felt real. How could a human be in there? 

Blog wise, I've had the chance to work with some amazing brands, meet and organise meet ups for some gorgeous bloggers and even hit the 100,000 page view mark which is something I honestly didn't think would happen in my first year and a half of blogging.

I finally got to go to the Herne Bay Zombie Walk & Ball, which were things I've wanted to do for years but work commitments and living 70 miles away always meant it was something I never managed to find time to do. However this was the year and I'm still so pleased I got to do it!

Christmas has been an odd one this year with my little man being due on the 18th December, I tried to get everything ready for Christmas and him months before his possible arrival. I even had a few words with him to let him know he either comes before Christmas or after as I wasn't missing my Christmas dinner for anyone haha!

And here we are, I have a gorgeous new born and I've just spent Christmas in the home I actually own, near the seaside. I don't have to worry about taking holiday or going back to work as I love what I do and I can do it when I want too.

Overall 2016 you've been pretty damn amazing.

I hope you all have a fab New Year and a very happy 2017. Thank you all for your support and love over the last year!

For the last time in 2016,

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  1. What a year it's been eh? You've certainly been through so much in only 12 months - a big move, quitting your job, pregnancy, a newborn. You packed a lot in, Becca ;) Haha. I hope 2017 continues to be amazing for you and your family! x x


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