Sunday, 1 January 2017

Ciate London Mani Marker

I love anything to do with nail varnish. I'm a total sucker and always have been, so when I saw that Ciate did manicure markers I knew it was on my wish list. I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas this year but are they a gimmick worth buying into?

I always have painted nails, always. I feel utterly naked without them and I change the colour at least twice a week, so as you can imagine I have a fairly large collection of polishes from high end to drug store and I've tried just about every nail art going. When I spotted these Mani Markers I knew it had to be one I'd have to try, Ciate claim you'll never be caught short without polished nails as they are so easy to use and they offer high coverage colour with one application.

Now, this sounded fab to me. Each marker offers up to 25 full manicures, they dry quickly and because it's a pen I won't have to try and find more space to store them! They even come in 5 gorgeous colours and would be perfect to keep in my handbag. I got the Mani Marker in the colour Beauty Queen which is a gorgeous hot pink.

However this isn't the easy, quick application I'd have hoped for!

You have to shake the pen and hold down the nib for around a minute to allow the product to penetrate the fibre nib, then somehow keep the same pressure and apply it to your nails..... which is incredibly hard to do! The cuticle part of my nails didn't look too bad apart from finding the polish seeping off my nail onto my finger but trying to keep that same pressure further down the nail is really difficult. It left me with streaky, uneven polish and even after trying to apply a second coat, didn't make a difference. In fact when applying the second coat, I found that it was actually pulling the bottom coat off my nails.

I'd genuinely gutted this didn't work as it sounds brilliant even if it is a bit on the pricer side at almost £10 a pen. I wouldn't recommend it though and I definitely won't be purchasing it again!

Have you tried the Mani Marker or anything similar?

Until next time,


  1. No I haven't and based on your review I'll be giving it a miss! Sounds like such hard work ! Http://

    1. I was really hoping it would be a good result and I was so disappointed!

      Becca x

  2. What a disappointment, it seems like such a good and easy idea, so it's a shame it didn't work very well. Do you think you'd be able to use it for nail art? Like dots and lines and things?


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