Thursday, 19 January 2017

My Blog Photography Targets

Instead of focusing on my stats this year, my targets are to improve the quality of my blog photos and content. I think photography is one of the key things to getting your blog stats to improve, after all who wants to click on a post with dark and out of focus photos?!

Like many other bloggers, I'm sure, I spend hours pawing over other peoples gorgeous blogs with their perfect flat lays, gorgeous fashion shots and beautiful product shots. Those perfect shots with blurred backgrounds that clearly took hours to achieve. Not those dodgey mobile shots, the proper DSLR professional finish photos.

I'm completely guilty of always forgetting to take a camera with me, my digital or my DSLR. I adore my DSLR but for me it just isn't practical to carry around all the time, a habit I really must try to get out of. Why have a fab camera and never use it?! There are so many great budget level DSLR cameras around now, that the only thing holding you back from getting those perfect shots is your own skill level.

So with all this in mind, my biggest blog target for the year is definitely playing around with my DSLR and actually developing my skills. Taking the time to set up that perfect lay flat and actually spending the time playing with the settings and reading the instruction manual! I'm sure there are thousands of Youtube videos showing me how to use my camera and I've never even bothered to look!

You can read about what cameras I own here - What's In My Camera Bag? 
I've also written a post on how I style my photos here - Photography Styling

Do you have any photography targets or hints and tips?

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  1. I don't have any tips to share with you, I'm afraid, as I'm still working on my photography, too. I want to use more backgrounds and props this year, as I'm guilty of just using a plain table or the wood flooring. I got rid of my camera as I found my iPhone camera was perfectly good enough, but this post has now got me thinking I might have been wrong. Haha! Good luck with your goal lovely <3 x x


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