Sunday, 12 February 2017

Mortgages, Relocation and A Year Later

Today 12th Feb 2017 marks my first year anniversary of being a home owner. Something I never thought would happen despite saving every penny and working non stop. It marks a year since I left London, brought a house, not a over priced studio flat and owe the bank a hell of a lot of money!

Wow. What a year it's been!

I never thought I'd get the opportunity to purchase a house instead of a flat or leave London but here we are. An entire year later. After the total drama and the sale of our house almost taking 8 months we were utterly relived to even get our moving date, the whole buying process was so utterly stressful I don't think I want to ever do it again.

This time last year I remember feeling so many emotions, excitement, utter terror, anxiety and complete and utter disappointment all in one day. After such a long and dragged out buying process moving day should have been a breeze in comparison however from the moment we picked up the keys all those lovely feelings disappeared.

I'm going to do a proper blog post on this shortly but as a quick to the point bit of information, upon entering our lovely first home, the previous owner had clearly given up on it the moment we put in an offer. We had tatty decoration, the entire house was in desperate need of a clean, the kitchen was filthy and had a gas leak aswell as broken and unusable cupboards and tops. All the bathrooms were revolting and the en-suite leaked through the ceiling straight onto my sofa. Then we discovered the boiler was dead, like dead and due to the horrendous build up inside the dead boiler, so were all the radiators. We also had a gas leak, a mouldy shed and a broken window. Beaut.

However, we knew the property needed work (like being completely redecorated top to bottom..) but we didn't expect to be doing things such as replacing entire heating systems and we didn't expect that we were going to have to do all the work as a matter of urgency. Our first night was spent eating fish and chips in our living room, surrounded by boxes wondering what the hell we'd got ourselves into.

A year later, our home is completely transformed. It was worth all the stress and the years of working our asses off, doing every single hour of overtime thrown at us. It really was.
When we relocated we knew no one and a year later I haven't got millions of friends as I found out I was pregnant about a month after we moved and once I started showing, obviously no one wanted to employ me. I have however made a few lovely friends, I've volunteered, I've put on fashion shows, I've become a mum and I've transformed my life. Okay I still want to dry heave every time I see how much we owe the bank but we bloody did it.

I can honestly hand on heart say I don't miss London either. I get a tad homesick when I go back but by the end of the day I simply can't wait to go home. I live about 2 miles from the sea, it's quieter and I don't have to sit in traffic jams to go everywhere. People actually talk to you, help each other and while that's taken some getting used to it's really lovely. Not having to sit in 2 hours of traffic to go to work in the morning or get on a sweaty over priced tube is utterly blissful, now I get views of the sea, fields full of horses and vast open parks. I do however miss being able to get a takeaway pretty easy, we don't live in the middle of nowhere by any stretch of the imagination but we have the chose of one Indian, one Chinese and one pizza place haha!

Don't get me wrong, it has taken some getting used to. I lived right next to a high street, walking distance to everything and a mere 20 mins by train to central London. Now I have to drive everywhere and the nearest shop is a post office half mile walk away. After 27 years of ignoring everyone being spoken to by strangers has taken some getting used too. At first I kept wondering what weirdo was trying to talk to me but it's starting to become normal now!

My life has changed dramatically in the last year and I can honestly say I wouldn't change it for the world. I still get excited when I see the sea and London is only 40 mins away!

Stay tuned for posts on the total renovation of my house!

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  1. We relocated 3 years ago so know all about the stress and upheaval lol. Your house looks fabulous, im sure your loving all the extra space it has to offer. Funny you wanted out of London and I would love to be in it x

  2. Sounds like everything is finally working out for you. Love the look of the house !

  3. Gosh, it sounds like the whole house buying process was a nightmare! I thank my lucky stars that our house buying process was so easy, as you're not the only person I know who's had a hard time of it. And how awful that the previous owner left it in such a state of disrepair - that must have been so gutting. But it sounds like you've really settled in now, and put your stamp on the place! Look forward to more photos of the house to come :) x x

  4. I'm so glad all the stress and hard work ahead paid off for you! I'm currently in the process of trying to buy my first home so I have allll of this to look forward to!

    Tasmin |


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