Saturday, 4 March 2017

To Infini-Tea And Beyond!

Infini-tea, geddit? Well now that's out the way, today I'm talking about my favourite thing - Tea and the fab Tea Tourist box I recently received! I'm sorry for all the tea related puns already in this post, I only want us all to get oolong!

Tea Tourist Box Review

Aren't my puns simply tea-riffic! I'm sorry, I really am ha!

I was super lucky to get another Tea Tourist box magically appear through my letter box last week and I simply had to share this months offerings. I love black tea more than anything so this box really was a beau-tea (I can't stop now I've started!).

Tea Tourist Box Review

As always, you get 6 fab teas from 6 different companies, presented in a lovely box and complete with information sheets, ingredient lists and how to brew them to perfection.

This months box was possibly my favourite box out of the three I've been lucky enough to receive. It contains;
 Ben Shan Oolong by Tea In The City - A floral, nutty tea with a gorgeous jade colour. 
Gunpowder Tea by The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company - A light, full flavoured green tea.
Blend No.45 by Edgcumbes Tea Blenders - A smoky, aromatic black tea.
Cherry Sencha by Cheshire Tea - Green tea with a lovely cherry flavour.
Black Tea And Dandelion by Oteas - Black tea with a dandelion hit.
Brockley Breakfast by Good And Proper Tea Co. - A gorgeous breakfast tea.

Tea Tourist Box Review

There wasn't a bad cup of tea to be had! Breakfast, lunch or dinner there is a cup that's perfect for any occasion, each gorgeous in their own way. I think my overall fave from the box is Brockley Breakfast, I crave a cuppa first thing in the morning and this just hit the spot. It's a perfect full bodied cuppa that just makes getting out of bed worth it.

If you love tea, Tea Tourist boxes are really worth it. Every month you get 6 fab samples that are enough for 4 cups a sample and the information sheets are the perfect way to discover what's in your tea. Plus is there really anything better than curling up with a perfect brew and a good book?

Have you tried a tea subscription box before?

Until next time,

*contains PR samples



  1. What a brilliant idea for tea lovers. I do love my flavoured teas though they do have to be decaf x

  2. I'm probably one of the few Brits who don't like tea, but this would make a really good present for my Mum!


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