Tuesday, 11 April 2017

5 Reasons I Hate 'Perfect' Instagram Accounts

I lose hours of my life to Instagram and even though we all moan about it due to the new changes and the rubbish new timeline, we all still live our lives on it. Everyone will know what I mean when I say 'perfect' Instagram accounts too, those with the awe-inspiring photos, those with perfect OOTD's, that amazing theme or that always, always include the most gorgeous pastel colour palette. 

Before I start, I'd like to say I'm not hating on those who strive to have one of those Instagram accounts and that this is just my personal opinion as to why unless they really do interest me, I simply won't follow them.

It's not real life

I often find myself down the rabbit hole that is Instagram and wonder, who the hell has the time? By that I mean, if your going on holiday - go on holiday. We all love photos of us on the beach or enjoying life but they really must spend hours trying to get those perfect snaps, instead of living life. How many life experiences are being missed because your too busy posing with something totally 'instagramable'? 

Colour Palette Hell

Can you imagine trying to include certain colours in every photo?! Dear Lord. When we're all old and looking back on our lives are we really going to think 'well that was a good run, shame I couldn't get that shade of pink in that photo though....'

Cold Food

Yes, we all love taking photos of food that looks uh-mazing but just how many of us have ended up eating a semi cold meal because we simply had to Instagram it first? You paid all that cash for the food, stop worrying about bragging about your afternoon tea at the Ritz on social media and actually enjoy it.

Fake Poses

Nothing gets me more than clicking on a photo to see a clearly fake smile holding some cosmetic in some bizarre position as if your applying it, despite the fact it's already ON YOUR FACE. Or those standing on a beach in some slightly painful looking pose so your arse looks more peachy or your tits look bigger. Give it a week and it won't even appear in your timeline anymore. 


Marble, here there and every bloody where. Can we get over it now, purlleeassee?!

With all this said and done, I'm totally guilty of doing exactly the same things except mine aren't perfect. I don't have a theme, I don't post a certain thing, mine is my real life as it happens. I don't take Instagram photos with purely the thought of Insta in mind and those are the kinds of accounts I adore following. The raw side of life and blogging, now that is perfection.

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  1. Ah I could never follow an instagram theme! And colour palette hell made me chuckle, I once heard someone say they changed their outfit so it would fit the theme : / xx

  2. I follow a lot of perfect instagram accounts - because I adore their photos and am in awe. But I could never be one! I can't stick to a theme, to start off with. Haha. I tend to share real life photos, although I do take photos with the specific thought of putting them on IG at times! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  3. I agree. I'm going to start an instagram series called 'my plate after I ate my food because I forgot to instagram it'. My theme would be red because my bowls are red. The title needs work.

    Steedman & White

  4. Haha, I tried to do a theme account

    Lasted for about five pictures & got bored.. :D

    It's a lot of work and it's just not... Fun. BUT saying that, pics of mine that are mostly white & fitting into a theme, get 100% more engagement than those that don't. So it's like.. Do I want to be a superfamous instagram model who gets paid to take selfies, or do I just want to sit here on my sofa and eat pizza.

    I choose pizza...

  5. I'm so guilty for the food posts it's unreal, I think it stems from doing culinary in school and it being drilled into me that I need to find the perfect photo of my meal! I agree with the marble thing though, I have no marble in my home so none of my photos looks like everyone else's. Great post xx


  6. Omg yes yes yes! You are the voice of the people! All of this winds me up. Is fake as I prefer to have a mish mash of real photos. I even one point thought mine looked messy but thought, it is mine so hey ho. Love this post xxx

  7. Perfection is overrated hahah and I totally get what you are saying.
    One of my blog/brand goals this year was to show more of my nerdy personality in my instagram feed, which is what I'm doing and people seem to like it. :)

    click here to see my instagram feed ��


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