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Bloggers Hit Back - Cosmopolitan's Beauty Bloggers Article

With the dramatic increase in bloggers and vloggers, naturally big magazines such as Cosmopolitan are feeling the heat. We no longer have the need to spend £3.60 on a magazine full of paid for articles, thousands of adverts and you can even read them for free online via your library! Time and time again I find these glossy mags trying to discredit bloggers and vloggers and in the May edition of Cosmo, they are at it again!

This lovely article entitled 'Beauty Bloggers, can we trust anything they say?' has even made front page. I can't help but feel it's a pot calling a kettle black here.
First up I'd like to mention that glossy magazines are PAID to show you the products that are inside, when it costs thousands to produce they aren't just featuring that eyeliner out of the kindness in their hearts. The beauty industry is worth over a whopping £17 million worldwide, it's a dog eat dog world with budget and high end fighting for the bone and that's without the hundreds and thousands of self/home made recipes that float around the internet. So who should you believe?
Let's take a journey into the beauty bloggers world for a moment shall we? First up, not every single beauty blogger will make it big. Not every single beauty blogger will get tens of thousands of followers. Just because it works for your favourite beauty blogger does not mean it's going to work for you, use some common sense. 
Unless you hit it big time in blogging, you rarely get paid for product reviews, the payment is the product in exchange for a review. Any blogger worth their salt will tell you it just isn't worth our time and effort to write rave reviews about every product we receive. We write honest reviews on products, if they work for us, if they don't. What Cosmo seems to be forgetting is they worked for US. We're not claiming they will give every single person who tries it the same results, we simply write what we discovered when WE used it. 

Now, glossy magazines get paid to advertise products. How often to you open a magazine and see them slagging off a product? It just doesn't make business sense! Why would a company keep paying them thousands to plug a new product, when they tell their readers not to bother? Bloggers certainly aren't paid 'a fortune' as the article suggests to push a product. Don't get me wrong, the bigger bloggers and vloggers are and it's hardly like Zoella is going to slag off a bath bomb with her own face on but if you go to those who haven't got millions of followers, the ones who still do it for the pure love of it. You'll find honest, to the point reviews.

In the article it even says 'most influencers aren't qualified' and 'it's personal experience not a qualified professional's opinion'. Sorry, I didn't know you needed a skin care degree to write magazine articles?! The article is written by someone who isn't a trained professional but they've asked a professional for their opinion on skincare routines they found from Youtubers. People go online because we have grown into a society that hates actually talking to other humans and would much rather see if we can find something that works for us online rather than visiting the doctor or a dermatologist. 

A quick search and you will find hundreds and thousands of home made recipes for skin care, hair care and everything inbetween online, from completely organic to those you probably should avoid it's all there for the taking. Can you really blame someone for popping onto Pinterest and trying a home made face scrub when the one featured in their fave glossy is coming in at £80 a jar? Can you blame them trying stuff that works for their favourite beauty guru when they are having skin issues when Cosmo are plugging moisturiser that costs the best part of your pay packet?

The article then goes on to mention people who continue to use products that only increase or make their problems worse. How can you blame the blogger or vlogger? Surely if something is making your skin worse you'd stop using it? Surely this is where common sense should kick in? It's like wearing a pair of shoes that your favourite fashion guru has but they absolutely kill your feet, you wouldn't then wear them every day until you end up with a serious condition.
I'm not arguing that the article does go on to give some great advice, like always wearing SPF and only using products that are actually aimed at your skin type and age but do they really need to slag off bloggers? Coming from a magazine that actually runs blog awards, it just doesn't sit right with me.

Personally, I'm going to stick with my beauty bloggers and vloggers. Real people, with real opinions who don't get paid thousands to write about £150 toners, the ones who spend hours and hours testing, writing, photographing and building their blog up, day after day. 

So once again Comso, for a magazine that loves bloggers your certainly doing a good job of supporting them!

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  1. I love this post! Bloggers are taking over magazines for a reason, like you said bloggers share real thoughts and experiences which are much more valuable to a reader than reading a magazine authors made up review!
    Cloe X

  2. I completely agree, I read the article and had to chuckle. I've been at plenty of press launch events where some Beauty editors from top mags are amazing, up on the skincare technology etc. and some are totally clueless or the magazine has sent another features writer as the beauty editor isn't available so they've just though oh it's only beauty anyone will do. Yes some bloggers will shill anything for a quick buck, but isn't that exactly what magazines do every single month for all of their products?...! x


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